Thoughts to Live By:


Live by the seasons * Live for your specific climate * Eat what grows locally * Learn to cook * Make time to grow at least one item you eat * Support your community * Drink all the water your body requires * Know your dietary requirements * Eat mostly foods that nourish your body * Be proud of your abilities *  Nurture your talents * See someone trained when you are ill * Get enough sleep * Keep to your own business * Acquire less stuff * Spend your life doing the things you really love to do * Give yourself permission to make positive changes * Welcome like minded people into your life * Walking away when you need to * Be excited to try new things * Tread lightly in all your activities * Pray or meditate everyday * Know when to teach and when to be taught * Be more playful * Have patience * Practice Being Aware * Break of a routine * Tell someone they make you smile * Be your own shelter * Connect with others not wanting anything * Share words of encouragement * Mean what you say * Say “No” when necessary and mean it * Look for the Good * Respect others * Find common ground when differences seem wide * Exercise in harmony with your body * Watch your thoughts * Forgive so you can move on * Let some things be * Enjoy the positive offers of others * Cherish those you love * Seek comfort when scared * Be a good Sarmatian * Practice setting limits it is the only way to get good at it * Get a massage * Be with animals * Smile at children * Be sincere in your actions * Allow others to make their mistakes *



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