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Winter toast

The Seasons, Oh My! How I cope with Winter.

  Living in New England we have the unique pleasure of 4 season due to …

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Welcome to 2023

In My Opinion: It is no longer a matter of What We Learned in or …

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Feng Shui Stones

The Importance of Having Space

Hey and Welcome. We all clamor for space and/or distance but what does this actually …

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12.17 009

Disney is one of my Happy Places – Here is how I make it so!

One doesn’t have to be a big Disney Fan to enjoy vacationing at Disney Parks …

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Words to Live By

Eat Good Food Sleep Enough Buy Well supported and Good Fitting shoes Get out in …

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Happy Summer! Life is Full of Change

Maybe it is only me but everyone seems to be changing  – one way or …

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