Ramona's Certifications

Elizabeth Ramona Pokoly has been in the metaphysical field since the age of thirteen, and for over two decades in the company of healing and mediumship. Ramona has been sharing her curiosity and passion for positive connections for over a decade in TV Production (Ramona Interviews).  Her own healing crisis’s and personal wellness journey lead to active participation in numerous wellness modalities.  Additionally, she acquired tools for everyday practice, and some “just for fun.” Ramona incorporates these practices into her daily life with the understanding that wellness is not an absolute target but a path one takes throughout their lifetime.

Ramona has been honored to be in the company of others who have been called into the service of humanity with their own religious, ideology, beliefs and methods.  All her direct experiences facilitated self-awareness and self-healing for her own wellness journey.

Ramona has been honored to meet and/or participate in the following:

  • SYDA Yoga Meditation, Kundalini Intensive Baba Muktananda late 1970’s. 
  • Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Healing Levels I, II, III since 1998 Master/Teacher since 2016 
  • Tensegrity Workshop, CA 1998
  • Introduction to Reflexology, 1999
  • From 2000-present: SYDA Yoga Meditation retreats, Cleansing, Teitvan Lama.  Ram Das, Gentle Wind Project, ULC Honorary Doctor of Divinity, EFT& TFT, Fairylogist/Realm Reader, Aromatherapy for Health, RYSE 1-4 Clearing Session, Oneness Blessing, AMMA (hugs). 

Ramona's Quotes:

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