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Ramona is an inspirational speaker, ULC Minister, TV host of Ramona Interviews, Writer & Producer “Ramona’s Playhouse” a children’s radio show, Reiki Practitioner/Master Teacher, Meditation Practitioner, EFT Trained, Aromatherapy Certified and everyday intuitive.  Ramona believes that what we feel and how we act directly relates to our well-being. “One must find the tools and establish the necessary habits that produce the right feedback to maintain our own personal optimal well being.”   

I stated Ramonasresources to assist others along their wellness journey by providing referrals, wellness and lifestyle blogs, links to my interviews, offerings and services*.  Ramona recognizes that every person is unique in their wellness journey and honors all paths that lead to a compassionate consciousness of inner love and outer service.     

 Appointments for meditation and Reiki* can be booked for a fee.   *Due to a pending MASS bill in the senate regarding the non-exemption of energy work Ramona has suspended Reiki classes but will do limited healings by appointment until the extend of the legislation has been clarified.   


Years Experience

Put Ramona’s gifts of  simple Meditation breath practices and Reiki* to work for you. Reach deeper states of relaxation and self healing!  The Journey starts within. 

Support Materials available for purchase. 


Wellness Muse

Engage with Ramona on topics of interest that support your  well being and intuitive journey.  Sort out the facts from the fiction with wit and candor.  General Speaking engagements upon request. 


Wellness Referrals

Today it seems harder then ever to know & find the right modality.  Ramona’s referrals page gives you access to those providing services on a variety of modalities and Licensed occupations.   


on Zoom

Due to Covid-19, Breath by appointment Practice instruction and Speaking engagements are done  via Zoom or Facebook.  Reiki*  Sessions will be at-distance (only) for your comfort and privacy. 

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Music as a Message

Ramona has been honored with a cameo in the Video “Good Samaritan” by Welder.  Music as a message can be so powerful a connection.  Ramona sings and listens to chants daily but enjoys many types of music. Often singing out loud as she walks.
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Inspiring Wellness

Ramona is now speaking and blogging on a variety of wellness and lifestyle topics.  She has a talent  for positively engaging with humor & candor on such topics as healing, meditation, wellness topics/fads.  Check out her daily quotes on Instagram and Facebook
Always inspirational –

I experienced a really deep sense of relaxation during my session with Ramona. She made me feel very comfortable and I liked the music option. The rates are reasonable and the session and technique felt very profound. Ramona has a gift!

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