Reiki Healing Session Information

Welcome to the comfort and ease of Reiki Healing.  The gift of going within to find balance, relaxation and inner wisdom. 

What you need to do:

The session will start exactly at the appointment time scheduled and will end 30 or 60 minutes later. Sit down in a comfortable chair or lay down and breathe slowly and deeply throughout the session’s timeframe.   Allow yourself to relax and open yourself to this energy experience as you will naturally draw the energy into yourself.   It is best to be in a quiet space and place when the session is ongoing.   


Can Reiki be given/received  outdoors?  You can be sitting in nature as long as that environment is safe if you fall asleep. 

Can I nap or relax with my kids or Pets?  Yes, you can.  Please remember that the less disturbed you are the more relaxed you can become and the easier and stronger it will be for the energy to work.  

Do you do readings or relay messages within a session?  I do not do readings or pull cards of any kind in a Reiki session.  If you have booked a session with me and would like a card pulled please contact me with your email and type in the subject “request for card for healing session” and I will attempt to get back to you within 48 hours after the session.  If you are seeking a full reading check our my referrals page for any postings of readers/mediums.  

My only purpose is to hold an energy space for you to draw from and receive a deeper relaxation and healing to  assist you in a higher level of self-healing. 

How can I communicate with ERP about my session? After a session you may contact me via email at with any personal comments or questions that are not already my FAQ page.  I welcome your general comments which (when you schedule with me) can be shared on my private clients Facebook group page.  So click the link and request to be part of the group and start the experience of sharing. (please use the same email that you booked the appointment with.)

To Keep You Moving the Reiki Energy: 

Those that book with me will receive my free guided breath practice.  So, easy to follow and great for those leaning to or beginning meditation.  You can also book with Ramona private or group guided practice meditations.  It is my hope that your will make time everyday with your new found energy to relax and meditate.       


It is an honor to share this time and energy space with you whether it be your first or fifteenth.  Reiki is my foundation tool in self-healing not just a business.  Let’s share some space and connect within.    

Remember that Reiki healing sessions work well in conjunction with other medical or therapeutic techniques to promote recovery.  So no worries.  Reiki is also not a religion or social order and not habit forming.  Check out my FAQ page for more info.      

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