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Check out Ramona's Wellness Referral listing page Looking for a wellness practitioner or psychic/medium. This is a free listing service for people Ramona has personally used or interviewed. From Acupuncture to Tarot Card reader.

Wellness Blog

Elizabeth Ramona Pokoly has a fresh and witty approach when highlighting various wellness modalities. All based on life experiences without hype.
This is your day to know wellness!

Reiki Master/Teacher healing came naturally and so did the easy in which Ramona communications positive messages and share resources.
Ramona's volunteer work earned her an award for best show as TV Host & Producer for Ramonainterviews at
Ramona writes from her everyday experiences and enjoys cooking, gardening, everyday yoga, tensegrity and her daily meditation practices.
Ramona lives & works in Massachusetts, USA with her husband and son. Pictured here with her Son.

My Story

I have been an intuitive since childhood but it was after meeting my Guru that the path of conscious awareness began to take form. I have been practicing, studying and activity participating in various modalities on my journey to personal wellness for over 30 years. You can see me through personal appearances, Zoom and Facebook but generally I heal at distance to meet my everyday job and family needs. All proceeds from the services and shop support the website and 10% goes to the local animal shelter.

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Ramona's Blog

Always current and engaging without the hype and sales pitch. I look forward to sharing with you my wellness journey, your wellness journey. Social Media Connections Facebook & Instagram "ramonaheals" quotes, weekly oracle card messages, free healings. 

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Download free tools:  Guided Breath Instruction (4 mins) to help start meditating and an Easy Movement instructional video based on Ramona’s daily routine session. 

Always inspirational – Always Real! 

Services by Ramona

Reiki & Meditation

Therapist Doing Reiki Therapy To Senior Woman

Reiki Healing

Take time to relax and promote your natural ability to heal. Sessions run 30 mins & 60 mins and are done via at-distance method. All clients can enroll in Private Facebook Group.

Reiki Healing For Plants

Reiki Training Level One

Become a Reiki Practitioner and open yourself up to self-healing and to healing all living things with Reiki. Level I includes downloadable docs, attunement & private consultation. Clients can join a private Facebook Group for further tips and tools.


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A variety of guided meditations are available as well as Ramona's personal guided breath practices with and without natural backgrounds. Start your practice today with support from Ramona! Also, available is her Free breath instruction. Learning to connect through meditation should be easy and inexpensive because meditation is for everyone!

All professionally done and under $10.00 US

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