One-On-One Meditation Practice

One-On-One Meditation instruction with Ramona offers you a personalized approach to learning.  When you remove the mystery out of meditation you may be surprised to find how easy it is to bring it into your everyday life.  Ramona works with her Safe Place series which is designed specifically for beginners.   

One-on-One Practice Meditations are done via zoom and can be booked for 30 or 60 minutes.  Please be prepared for your session by making a quiet and undisturbed space.   

The session will open with a meet and greet, goal setting &  expectations and close with a Q&A all with Ramona.  The practice meditation instruction section will  have three steps.

  • First: Breath practice exercise (live)
  • Second:  Pre-recorded guided, music and affirmation meditation.  
  • Third:  Tips for understanding meditation 

What Happens. Ramona hosts the entire session and remains present in meditation with you.  Bonus:  When you book you will receive our free guided breath practice (audio file) to practice with before and after the session.  Ramona offers her safe place series for purchase which has two levels in the breath practice (voiced and produced by Ramona).  Both are in the same easy to follow format.  It is Ramona’s intention for you to use these tools as a foundation to establishing your own meditation practice.    

How it works!  Ramona will screen share with you during the session but will have a pre-set image for the pre-recorded meditation.  The pre-recorded meditation lasts about 15 or 30 minutes depending upon the length of your session. While listening you visualize through the spoken words and this will act as a tool for self-focusing which is part of learning to meditate.  Meditation is for everyone and Ramona has found that starting with guided practices are a great way to settle in and round up to your higher self.   

What you should do.   RELAX and be open to the experience!  Take time to be in a shared space on this beautiful planet.  Enjoy and trust yourself in your own process to being mindful.  Just be in this moment of listening to and trying something new or new to you!  

TECH TIPS to Follow.  In order to maintain the integrity of the practice and the session Ramona asks that you mute your audio (so we do not hear  background noise) and consider turning off the your video during the pre- recorded meditation.  This way you can fully enjoy the benefits of the guided meditation (without the distraction of peaking) LOL.  

Why Meditate? 

It is generally accepted that meditative states promote deeper relaxation which positively affects the body and can stabilize systems within the body.  Meditation offers a sustainable method for self-regulating the mental chatter which can promote changes to some heighten emotional/neurological response systems.  Meditation can also promote the essence of our interconnectivity to all things which some theories promote as a spiritual practice or state of mindfulness.  

  “The goal is to build a practice of meditation that you can use everyday.”  ERP. 

Don’t forget to use your free breath practice.   

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