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Little in between as we Age – It’s a Shame- It may happen to you.

This blog is for anyone that has suffered through the stress, and heartfelt crushing that …

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Inner Kingdom the better goal – And it’s cheap.

Being flexible in the mind and in the body will make you understand that you …

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Scam or Not Scam (copyrights) That was my Question.

I received an email pertaining to copyright issues on some pictures on my website.  Of …

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Thoughts to Live By:

  Live by the seasons * Live for your specific climate * Eat what grows locally * Learn …

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Reiki Energy. Logotype. Healing energy. Alternative medicine Spiritual practice Vector

Reiki Healing considered Bodyworkers?

So what does it all mean?  In my humble opinion:  Bodyworkers are generally registered and …

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Diversity is the Human Experience so Love Thy Neighbor.

Some how the emphasis on self-acceptance and self-importance has become an issue to be resolved …

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