Scam or Not Scam (copyrights) That was my Question.

I received an email pertaining to copyright issues on some pictures on my website.  Of course, I was concerned because if true that would be an issue to be address ASAP.  “With no intention” on my part to do harm.  Looking closer at it there was a link to press, and the email used the name of a company but it was no company found on Google.  No address to contact just a personal email.  No phone number to call and no viable business contact.  Just a name Johnson studio and dated today.  So this is my official notification, that I am not able to obtain whether the person is real or if the email is even legal.  If any alleged claim does exist then an email should be sent with contact information (not just an email address) and a request in writing to me personally with enclosed alleged picture(s) based on infringement.  With all that being said: However, it is my understanding that all my content is covered and/or the majority is my own.    The questions surface in everyday life when on the internet how do we know what is real and that is not.

I do feel blessed however as I called my web design guy and asked about my site and was given some interesting information about scams on copyright to get people to download computer viruses. This made a lot of sense given the wording of the email and the link.  All I can say is:   What I great Guy!  If you are ever seeking to build or maintain a website I highly recommend Mangia Web Design at 

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  1. Hey Ramona, thank you for the kudos! I’m glad I was able to clear this up for you. On a side note, the correct spelling for the Mangia Web Design website is

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