Inner Kingdom the better goal – And it’s cheap.

Being flexible in the mind and in the body will make you understand that you are complete in your life. It does not happen overnight and there is no pill to take.  The work is self regulated and comes in many forms or paths.  Discipline and dedication are the keys to the inner kingdom – your inner kingdom.  That same inner kingdom that exists in everyone.   People often think they are to do or achieve something or some goal and then everything will happen to them, fall into place or just be exactly as they wished it to be.  But often times the toll paid creates suffering for others or themselves.  Everything has its limits, everyone has boundaries and all of nature is way more complex then we can ever image.  When one realizes that being flexible in mind and body fosters a deep and more complete sense of self acceptance.  Then one becomes more aware of the sheer interconnectedness of all things. This feeds a nature focus to remain flexible and in balance in all aspects of ones life.  No extremes, no fades, no drama, just a deep connection and commitment to being- oh, so human!

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