Reiki Healing considered Bodyworkers?

So what does it all mean?  In my humble opinion:  Bodyworkers are generally registered and licensed by each state.  So if you are a massage therapist you would be trained (by a licensed school) and licensed by a state and all this is overseen by a governing body.  In response to the changing tide in bodywork modalities some states are seeking to update, add or change with the times and to assist with/ or decrease/stop human trafficking incidents as published in the news.  The bill in the MA senate (in my opinion) is set up to address this issue and to add some guidelines or procedures for best practices for those doing modalities not presently licensed by the State.   To this bill was added “Reiki ” to the list and I am assuming this is due to one of the methods used which involves the placement of the practitioner hands on the CLOTHED body that is used. 

Just so that people are clear: Reiki can be done by hand placement on the body or by placement over the body or by at-distance or (no touch).  I mostly do above the body but prefer at distance because that is my strongest channeling (this was before COVID).  In MA Reiki Practitioners who are Ministers can use their hand positions placed on the Clothed body if they are certified as a Minister.  I am certified as a Minister, so that I could complete my training.    Many feel that Reiki is a Spiritual based energy healing system or Faith based healing.  Others do not.    

If the bill passes and Reiki Practitioners are to be classified as Bodyworkers (which I do not believe they are because touch is not required as it is energy only) they will have to be re-trained and Licensed by the State of MA to practice.  The Bill offers no details to this process accept that it would appear to run like the massage licensing.  To be Clear:  I have no problem with balanced best practices, consent forms, ethical compliance and crack downs on false medical representations. These types of things should be addressed as the expansion of wellness offerings continues in business on and off the social or online platforms. (now was developed to provide information and training online and included zoom sessions as well for self practice, questions and answers that are “live.” I believe that everyone should acknowledge their own abilities to heal others, to assist in not contributing to the suffering of others, and that those truly guided to heal can do so until everyone’s energy, habits, choices and conscious awareness is raised so that self healing is as simple as breathing.  As you can see I take a very large view of wellness and the ability to heal.  It is my wish that Western medical science sees the value in energy work as an everyday magic we all process and use for ourselves and for others.    A smile heals, do a little dance and lift your mood, care for others, pray for all and be kind!  That is healing too. The journey begins…..   




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