Diversity is the Human Experience so Love Thy Neighbor.

Some how the emphasis on self-acceptance and self-importance has become an issue to be resolved in the public domain.  Instead of working on ourselves to change our own views, be kinder to ourselves and expand and challenge our own thoughts about the diversity of our Neighbors.  We seek outward validation for the complexity within the social system we created.  The up side is that things are being brought to light.  We as individuals can help this by recognizing the humanness – which we all share.  This humanness is a gift of diversity from the food we can produce, the ecosystems of the planet Earth, the animals that exists, the awesome adaption of the cells that exist in each human being.  Without these differences we would more then likely have died out as a species.  I believe God knew what he was doing when he created the variety that sustains every aspect of our life’s.   I am not attempting in anyway to down play the patterns of behavior, the wrongful “Justifications” for mistreatment of any human being on any basis pertaining to discrimination or what we call “our diversity” ..  Rather I am attempting to shed a light on what each and everyone of us can do right now – which is to acknowledge that our diversity brings us a rich and beautiful tapestry for the basis of life’s living.  We can eliminate much suffering in our world in our human experience if we build into our minds, our hearts and our actions the aspiration “Love Thy Neighbor”.

Just a thought.


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