The Closet: Oh My!

Everyone got one some have two – what is a person to do.

The Closet:  You start to clear it out and then say “but I need that sweater from “fill in the blank ” and then there is a lot of “that was my favorite”……   Stop right there!
First: Rule of thumb: if you have not worn it in the past year (allowing for seasonal changes and maternity wear) you will likely not be wearing it. Decide for yourself.
Second: Rule of thumb: cloths should fit your body type and colors should compliment your skin tone or preferences for your own unique look.
Finding room for new things in your life: would then require you get rid of things you no longer use, want, or need.  Another Rule of Thumb: If you bring something in then one existing thing must go out.

Honestly, it works really good for impulse purchases. (Disney Vacations excluded – mine anyway. LOL)  If you ask yourself what would I pitch to make way for this then you may think twice.  Maybe? I have come to respect the wisdom of this rule and hope you will try it out.



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