Who owns your Life and why?

Who are You?  The Caterpillar asked Alice.  She said something like she was not quite sure.  So for the purpose of this blog topic I am asking Who owns you?

It is only a stupid question only if you can answer it honestly and you can live in the complete self-assurance that you are connected to everyone and everything in the universe and that everything is as it should be a play of Devine consciousness.  I am not there yet so here is my take on who owns who.

Our general ideas about life comes from our upbringing – what you saw, how you were treated, what needs were met or not met, what you heard and learned as a child. Then those patterns of thinking expanded and contracted or were replaced as you grew in adapting your own personal experiences, learning, consequences and exposures to these baseline memories.  Basically, you added to and created new memories from your actions and interactions with others.

The Depth: Memories in this context are the patterns reacted to because of repeating or traumatic or positive events or actions while growing up.  So in essence your memories own you or the you of your memories drives you to think of who you are and then act upon those thoughts.

We Change to Grow:

Just like a cycle in which night turns into day we all can harness creative forces or our consciousness (will) to make new memories/patterns. Instead of reacting the way we always do we react differently.   When we start reviewing from a larger context how are interactions with others have patterns, personal selectiveness (whether cultural, social or beliefs) and all those emotional devices that both help and hinder us along the way.  To identify what is working for us and why or why not is the key.  To take this journey is the telling of true human power.  To define and practice being our true self’s in our journey to living better everyday.  No amount of fame or money makes this easier as the work is internal and the goal interconnectedness.  It is; Internal in practice (self-awareness) – meditation, prayer, present moment, actions based on self-less service , and Ultraistic in nature  (betterment for all) – compassion based actions, helping others to help themselves, creating sustaining practices and using compassion when responding.

So my memories own me but I am consciously aware that I am responsible for creating new memories.  In that creation I may choose different resources for both my body and mind I understand that they are tools.  True power for sustaining change must come from within by my actions, the acceptance of Devine intelligence, and human will – therefore for my spiritual growth I am responsible.


 There is a balance between going after life and living in the flow of life.  Actions matter and internal dialog counts.   Where you are now and how you acknowledge that the you that owns you is not you but rather the backdrop to your participation in the life you are living.   

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