Superpowers – Everybody Wants Some….

What is the fascination with having superpowers or extraordinary senses?  I am seeing more and more of it in the movies, mini series and TV programs. I am seriously considering that this widening emergence has two factors; science fiction concepts and comic books characters have gone mainstream (in a big way) and people on some level are more open to the termed “psychic world”.  Both of these factors are extremely varied and wide in range so ideas translated to the big screen or targeted at specific audiences can cause some serious confusion.  Be aware and very careful not to over generalize things and take everything lightly.  I am not trying to say that both superpowers and  extraordinary senses do not exist – they do but what you see is not what you get and the road to there is never what it seems.

Think about it everyday you go about your business of daily living with your memories driving your activities – because how else do you remember how to get there, who you need to speak with about yesterday’s problems or what you like to eat for lunch or when to pick the kids up and take them somewhere.  Then your whole body is functioning behind the scenes; your blood is pumping into your heart and you are breathing without really even thinking about it while you are smelling coffee and feeling thirsty as this morning’s bagel is festering in the pit of your stomach. Then there is the weather to deal with because your rain boots are nowhere to be found and the dog will not go out to pee.  Not to mention how you feel about all of this and you have not left the house yet.  My point in this long description is that we are busy on many levels in our daily lives doing things we are  and are not even aware of.  Now image that you became able to read people’s minds…  I love this one – I have experienced this on the smallest of levels. Scary –  So you are grabbing a coffee at the window and bam you start hearing the server thoughts on her date last night in selected detail.  Your looking at her and she is smiling and then you hear “great hair bad color lipstick”!  After the shock wears off if you haven’t gone nuts already you proceed on with your day – hearing all the random thoughts that people talk about to themselves about themselves for themselves is like reading a book you really have no interest in.

? arise. If you are hearing them when are you hearing your own thoughts?  How far do you need to be from someone to hear or not.  Will this stop when I am sleeping.  My point is simply this.  Learning to live with an ability like this takes a lot of time and energy.  You have no idea if what you are taking in doesn’t somehow affect you and if so hoe.  Let’s just say that humans are basically very fickle in thoughts and emotions as they travel through the events of the day.  So how do you deal with them on the outside when you have this inside information?  Scary, Right!  Another learning to live with this lesson. There are many other issues and challenges with having insights or superpowers and while it looks great in the movies it is the living with that you never see.  I will be honest and tell you that it would be nice to try out a superpower for a couple of hours but living with it is not something I think human development is quite up to just yet.  It takes a strong and peaceful mind to handle having superpowers.

While there have been many masters here on Earth who have shown us what we can be capable of I do believe that at some point we will be able to sustain heighten awareness that fosters greater abilities within the human race.  I do not believe that they will be quite as stylized as what we see in the media but then that is what the thrill and escape of entertainment is for.  Exploring and wondering about the possibilities of being more than we are – hopefully for the betterment of everyone.

So in closing. May you be blessed with the superpower to love unconditionally and the extraordinary sense to feel the happiness it brings to others.



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