So you want to read tarot cards?

Some may say that the following is a bit cheeky or that I am professing about matters that I am not specifically trained in but I say…. it is after all my opinion.

If you were to ask me what I think about learning to read or self-practice with tarot cards, this would be my response.

What are you attempting to gain?

Why Tarot Cards?

Is this a business enterprise for you?

Does it conflict with your present belief system? The belief systems of your family members or friends?

Are you looking for a mentor to learn this craft?

How much time are you willing to invest every week?  If you would like to read for other can you find people to practice on?

Well that is a list! But you see I am trying to save you some money and time all while planting some precious seeds of wisdom.  First off:   There is no glamor or magic skill to reading cards? If all the information about ourselves as far as we can project it from within ourselves to outside of our selves then generally our natural intuition should guide us to the best choices and a general sense of awareness about the situations we create and participate in everyday.  Now of course there are times when one becomes overwhelmed or lacks a certain connect whether through direct experience or lack of knowledge so that having a helping hand – well helps!   Hence, some people will try out get a reading tarot or otherwise.  Other are just plain curious about the whole craft.  Neither is a good or bad thing just an experience!

I do have to mention in all fairness:  There is a strong argument in some circles that prayer can assist with unfolding inner knowledge or our intuition or by God’s grace if you hand it over to God or a force of some kind that one should have no need for shared human or spirit connections- readings, mediums, psychics etc.  I am not here to pronounce any way right or wrong but if one should encounter opposition it is important to determine your stance on how you participate in your craft or practice and I would add why.

Know your gain.  If you do, it will help you choose the best methods for learning.

  • On-line general courses from sites that offer it. (Udemy and others).
  • Learning from someone you went to that offers classes
  • Studying the Tarot as part of the formal training.  I am not aware of any personally but I would guess there are some. (no judgement)
  • Remember: Practice makes Perfect – of which there is no perfect because we are people in the continue pursuit of possibilities.  Readings can be a guide if you see it that way.

Why the Tarot Deck? May seem like a stupid question but one can read from anything but generally the cards are the easiest way to learn.  Everyone has this natural ability and all kinds of objects can be used, coins, water, sticks, tea leaves, oracle cards, shadows, palm reading, spirit connection and/or channeling and others.

The tarot deck (Rider-Waite Deck) is the one most people have seen and requires some study and memorization.  This is because each card has a meaning(s) and each type (Major or Minor) represents elements, aspects etc…  There are so many different interpretations/representation of the (Rider-Waite Deck) as well as volumes of books written about tarot cards.  Also, the internet has allowed for free open study for learning the craft of reading or just dipping your toe in so to speak.  If you are curious about the deck read up on it’s history, maybe go and get a reading yourself and call it an experience  and let it pass unless you are really moved to do so.    If you are thinking about learning the craft, start with some self-study and practice.  If you would like to have the learning curve tailored try an inexpensive on-line class which should include.  At minimum:  the history of the tarot, explanation of each section of cards, each card itself, how to deal, draw and handle the cards, how to do or choose a card spread as well as lots of practical tips for readings, how to express what you may see in the cards, self reading guidelines and also how to do tarot as a business if you are seeking to do that.  Hopefully, much more at a very reasonable price.  Also, having a group practice can be helpful but you have to be very comfortable with the teacher and the people you are working with.

In the past couple of decades oracle cards have taken off.  These are generally themed and give a message with a picture that is themed to the design of the deck.  While they require less study by far both require lots of practice if you are even thinking about doing reading for others.  For me personally, I feel the tarot is an interesting tool and has a deeply rooted history (which in my opinion) that is not just specially associated with psychics, mystics and other names Americanize as occult.

Is this going to be a business?  This is extremely important question to ask yourself because you can save yourself a lot of money but seeking classes and/or mentor’s that teach for this purpose.  There are no sure bets and since this field of service is not regulated buyer beware.  Take the time to do your homework as it is important.  Also, when seeking any craft as a business you need to address all the marketing, and privacy & disclosure issues as well as all the other aspects of running a business.  My suggestion is a specific on-line address, phone number and separate a payment account.  Many people go to or participant in fairs or other local events to do there readings to build a client base.

Your belief System.  This comes into play only if you have a conflict within your beliefs.  Tarot is not a religion or a non-religious tool to break up religious beliefs but there are some that may disagree.  Clear up any conflicts within yourself or simply find another means to practice your unique and special gifts of intuition.  There are many like meditation, yoga as a science (not just the movements), prayer rituals and others.

Mentors:  I do not believe that mentor’s are specifically needed to learn the tarot card reading however some study is required whether self guided or with others.  Depending upon your specific journey you may cross paths with many persons that assist, enlighten or teach you and that is all part of the process.  If you choose a mentor they should be experienced and sincere in teaching the craft.  Thoughtful and helpful with both free and paid resources and materials.

Time:    To learn a craft takes time, patience and practice. One of the best Readers I ever went to Ramona Garcia (now transitioned).  Said that she was drawn to it and practiced, practiced and then practiced some more.  She laughed when saying she read everyone, everywhere and every time she could and it was only when she was teaching that she really formalized her talents.  She was a gifted intuitive with a heart of gold and a genuine pledge to service.  Those are good traits for any field – would you not agree.

So if you are still thinking about learning the tarot system of reading there are many resources available.  Do your homework and go to readings as research.   I have met many people who work in this field due to my personal interests, and for my interview show ramonainterviews at  There you can see interviews with Michael Pendragon (Salem MA) Ramona Garcia and others.  Also, at my referrals page offers wellness modality practitioners as well as some psychics.  All free and of service.

Best All! never question your own ability to be in awareness.  No deck required! LOL



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