Who Wants to Work?

There are deep discussions and analysis going on as we round the bend to the soon to be called post COVID pandemic period.  Here in the US businesses are beginning to open up and are hopeful that a great stampede of consumers will settle into their normal activities and spending.  For businesses getting staff back is either a challenge or a growing curve to adjust.  Many companies are taking steps in both wages, hybrid work offerings, management training, needs driven benefits and other measures. Environment counts and the workers time has value.  I see it as many workers are awakened to best possibilities for balancing their time and immediate needs.  When it comes to this type of change Diversity is the key!

How we work.

How we spend our time.

How we spend our money.

How we use technology.

How we provide and pay for healthcare for every individual

How we provide and pay for childcare and/or eldercare

How we create new jobs based on responsible use of our resources, cleaning up the planet, creating consumer goods that are reusable from renewable resources etc.

Work week to 30 hours – using 4 six hour shifts

Adaptable work spaces for not only the job but for the needs of the worker.

Expanded job training as well as a pension credit for those that volunteer.

Some ideas and I am sure there are many more.  In my 55 years of living and my close to 40 years of working two factors were a reality:  having health insurance and childcare – while making a wage that could support the basic needs: housing, food, clothing and transportation was not always easy or possible without help.   I believe we have the technology, the people and the will to want to work!

The system needs to break free of the past and welcome the possibility that people will achieve not just survive when sensible measures are taken.


This is my opinion on the current situation- as I see it.  ERP

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