Aliens in our backyard?

With all the movies, hype and commercial success pertaining to what Aliens are or  not or could ones mind may  boggle. How can one possibly fix a point on what an alien would be?  Now I am not talking about the term illegal Aliens (how in terms of interplanetary travel and existences outside of Earth does that term even justified being used).

For the purpose of my blog I am speaking about Aliens as applies to not being human.  This in itself is an interesting concept as we as a species have not even figured out what it is to be fully human.  We have not studied and practiced all the potential that is locked inside of each of us and in our connection to the planet.   So defining what makes an Alien is challenging to say the least; because we come from fundamentally a lack of a broader understanding of ourselves and of course as we are experienced based and memory bound this lack fuels the ego and /or ones imagination.   If let say, we have or had contact with Aliens how have we processed it in our collective memories.  Is this memory how our collective ego or the money driven machine choses to use it.  (?)

Down to the gritty:   First off ask yourself are there more then one type of Aliens species?  If so, how many and where are they.  Do they visit us and if so why?  Curious, excited, helpful or harmful.  Then image for yourself that they may in fact be just like you and me as to say – there own species with defined boarders to survive and exist of which we would be curious and they maybe of us.  But given that the range of possibilities is so great and the basic experience or lack of it compounds any again –  defining point.  The human ego and mind at this stage of development likes a nice neat defining point.   Also, as we move (as a species) into melding scientific knowledge with energy behaviors/factors we may be a bit behind the curve in truly understanding how to address and define what an alien may or may not be.   As in my Facebook post today I am not worried about “Aliens” visiting in ships, buzzing our coastline or living among us because I believe that the Human Species is within itself unique both in our free will as individuals, diversity of nature and our inevitable connection to the planet we live on.  Basically,  the abilities of the human body, our mind and our soul/energy uses are still beyond our everyday understanding.  All this is changing for the better.  Humans are super human but not in the way we think of super powers from movies and science fiction.  We are however so unique in our existence that if I could be so bold we as a species are blessed and do not even know it.

Aliens could very well be living, working and assisting us with technology which was the buzz talk back when I was growing up.  I never felt any need to feel threaten or disturbed by this as it simple did not apply to my daily life so to speak.  What is more important then if they are here is how we as a species decide with our free will to live with each other and the earth! How we decide to create sustainable environments and foster balance with all our resources, known and unknown, developed and undeveloped and connect with each other.   Violence towards each other promotes more of the same and this slow and suffering based process hinders the potential of human existence at it higher levels.  It is the longest road.  Instead of creating and sustaining we are creating to dominate and exclude by acting out on our differences instead of  expanding our consciousness.   There have always been (written or spoken history) people or persons that promote creating and sustaining these connections.  Are these people aliens in any sense? Do we in science not measure and test there abilities?  Or are they people or persons that have achieved that super humanness by using what others do not.   I do not believe that everyday people with useable gifts or talents, masters, gurus, saints, sages, mystics or even God etc…  are Aliens as defined by being a species.  But yet there message is far greater then we truly understand.  Humans are incredible in their ability to advance and create ourselves.  I believe it is in our very  nature to create an unbelievable existence.  Yet we have chosen a pain staking slow path to human betterment.  Our well being our humanness is precious, it is awesome, and it is in our control- maybe (if Aliens have been helping us) it is only because we needed it due to the focusing on social orders and economics (mind) development and less on the managements and connective organization of being human.  After all people existing with the resources provided and shared for advancement in tribal forms not long ago.  Or perhaps, just perhaps it is normal in the larger universe for other species to help each other out.  If that were the case and I was another species I would be helping humans to develop both technology but also heavily in their own wellness and super humanness.  Why? because in our highest state and also along that journey to that state human’s rock!

I am not afraid of Aliens nor do a wish to invite them to dinner (but again would I know them) but I do put my faith in the human species as unique and capable to grow into the super of being human.  This super is our defense should we ever really need one.  After all due to our free will; We are our own worst enemy.  Think about it for a moment.  Whether we discover something with or without the help of Aliens.  What we do with it matters for us. Yes?  What and how applications of any technology from farming to space ships.  I am not convinced that responsibility for the human cause is in the hands of others (Aliens).  Would it not be better to say as a society we should focus on resources distribution and sustainable for our planet and the people on it.  As for the invasion theory:  In my Opinion. Our ability to live and create consciously are own sustainability as a species and our Earth will be our greatest asset.  Alien invasions are nice for movies (if you like that) but we need to look with extreme caution at both what we call Aliens and how we continue to develop for the betterment of all human being.   I am human and my humanness is my cycle of this journey.  I am ok with it being all I will know because there is so much more to know along this journey- endless possibilities. 

BE AWARE but not too bothered by the governments statements about aliens existing or unexplained existing.  There are many possibilities in this great wide universe- personally it is better said then not.  After all this is the age of communication. Lets make sure we are truly ready for any encounters before we decide who or what it’s all about.  The human is resilient while the human ego is fragile.

Writer’s note:  I was always drawn to star trek as a younger person as the possibility (while still limited to the human memory, imagination etc) of space travel but more so other species.  Our lessons on this Earth to deal with our diversity with respect and honor and an over all code of (prime directive) seemed to me to be a natural state of humanness.  I was fascinated by the species developed by the writers both as thought promoting entertainment as well as a sort of validation for existence of others.  I use the term others very loosely.  Personally, I am aware that other energies, life like forces, organizational energy patterns or perhaps even Aliens exist however I am not willing to pigeon hole them into anything specific and I do not try to engage them because I realize that basically and perhaps we are in some way them? in an universal sense or perhaps humans with their direct connection the Earth are so unique that we are in fact the Aliens.  LOL




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