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In the Workplace: Here are some things I have learned over the years….

Some things I have learned and are willing to put into practice.    Did I say in the Workplace!

Understand that you can not ever really figure out the what and why behind people’s choice of actions.

Learn who you are to other people.

Keep your distance (when applicable) and do not interfere as dramas play out.

Forgo being “right” or the urge to be ever so “helpful”  ego is a sharp edge that generally cuts – yourself.

Counter uncertainty by taking stock in your own abilities and further your strengths while moving though your weak spots.

Focus on your present situation but be aware of the larger picture.

Do not take anything personally and stand your ground when someone else decides it is there day to “Go There”.

If your recommendations are not accepted – Let it Go!  Never allow yourself to live in someone’s  misunderstands.

Do not waste your time changing for change sake – movement does not equate to progression.

Things will move slowly, really slowly until when they move at what appears to be lighting speed.  This is simply due to two factors:  they were in the works and you didn’t know it or someone with authority set the pace intentionally.

Know your own drama so that you will not create karma with others.

If someone doesn’t get it – move on and over to someone who does.

Very few people will understand your true value until you do yourself.   Even then they may not notice it. Move on or accept that your work is a space to fill not your space, your place.  This can be a struggle or liberating depending upon your own personal needs, fulfillment or properties.

Be the best at what you do and do it the best you can. Then drop it at the door when you leave.

Be creative,  bring a sense of lightness to your work space, take lot’s of walks, be flexible expect the best from people even if they do not give it.

Don’t waste your time giving people jobs they can not do instead teach them things they can.  Always do your job with an openness that anyone can step in and do what you do – you will live happier and find yourself groomed for better management skills even if you never formally use them in your present job.

Workplace lessons – so many so little time.




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