Does the World Change or Do We?

Does the world change or do we?  As I sit to write my next blog the question I ponder is not if but when.  The world as we know it is in continual change.  The forces of nature seem to follow there own patterns and we are yet to understand the why and what.  The thinking mind must know! But really those that are students of life watch with a steady eye and discern the patterns as a process of divine intelligence.  Something so beyond the meaningless mind yet all of the meaningless mind as well.  Life is a miracle that spreads it’s magic into the physical world and then further into our very beings which is stationed on the platforms of senses, thoughts, emotions and other constructed acknowledgments of our existence as physical being in a physical place “the Earth”.

This is why I feel so strongly about the importance of being not only connected to the self but in the responsibility of connections to the Earth.  Without it we would not be here.  When we mess with it we mess up our well-being.  Yet even in this cycle of destruction there is conditional adaptation which is to say we adapt via the conditions we have created vs. adapting with the ebb of what the Earth provides.   So ‘when’ will we all awaken to really live by seeing the bounty that is provided while protecting the balance of what is needed for us.    Our journey to look outside ourselves for happiness, joy, love, God, pleasure etc.  has afforded more destruction, suffering and dis-ease on all levels.   I think it is fair to say that dis-ease will exist in a balanced environment but it severity, suffering cycle and intension would be much much less.  Wellness is not the opposite of illness it is the ability to fend off, buff up and expel out what comes are way.  I am in no way attempting to trivialize dis-ease or our medical profession.  It is important to recognize that “an once of prevention is worth more then a pound of cure.”   In order to reap the full benefit’s of the Earth bounty it would be necessary to place well being over high profits.   I am not sure why this scares some people so much.

There are plenty of resources to be managed, people to manage them and intelligence to renew, develop and fix the damage that has been done.   This can only benefit humans living forward on this Earth.  All the countries must subscribe and acknowledge the importance of a sustainable human population living with sustainable resources and a prime directive to do so.  If we started with: better disposal systems for our waste products in general, clean and available water everywhere, more emphasis on renewal energy (where applicable), Clean food production methods, affordable/available healthcare, flexible educational systems that support this goal then that would be the beginning of the workable Eden on Earth.

Our Earth is magical by nature and we take our path on this Earth to dance with all that is called divine. How we choose to experience it and what we expose ourselves to is in our hands.

When?  will each of us reach into ourselves and acknowledge a path of wellness – as soon as we do, the world will change by our making and mother nature will follow our flow – now that is real enlightened power!



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