Lifestyle vs. Living

What is your lifestyle:  Basically it a construct of the memories and/or aspirations you acquired or concluded while growing up.  Obtaining a lifestyle will not make you anymore happy then just simply making choices as you experience living your life – as a matter of fact one is much more likely to be over stress, over possessive about just about everything when achieving a lifestyle is the goal.  Now I am not going to say it is not fun, or excessively goal producing!  If you like to pay for play then it sure feels like a winning.  However, there is no end game.  Because of our present mindset toward the importance of external goals through commercial glorification it can never really end.

If everyone suddenly decided that natural resources were most important and that all human being needed to participate renewing and revising the natural environment then many industries that survive on lifestyle would collapse other would re-source themselves to meet this new need.  Diversity would still exist because we are individually “unique” but are only collectively sustainable.  History would be yesterday as the goal would be on progress today with a lemon twist of tomorrow as forthcoming.

Living is the ability to sustain your well being beyond your survive needs and to create, practice and express your unique abilities as well as contribute to the whole of society.  Living also does not have an end game but the rewards are personal achievement within a structure of both human and planet sustainability.  Another words, being in a state of well being and/or having the services, ability and education to do so.  Social and economic systems would align with these bases. Goods and services would be used more for need as opposed to excessive excess.  Never would one have to say, to much money- why because there would be no need for it, no drive to own, manage or control everything “external” that money can buy.

Never at 5 and then again at 15 will you be asked what do you want to be.  Instead it will be what do you like to do, how has your educational training opened you up to all the skills and ideas you have.


Living is understanding what makes you happy in a creative and disciplined way and acting upon this.

Lifestyle is a goal to achieve a never-ending kaleidoscope of other peoples ideas, opinions and aptitudes.

Invest in yourself, do whatever you do well, and do it for your life – who knows it may become someone else’s lifestyle.  LOL



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