Ramona Interviews Internationally Celebrated Jamaican Artist

Finally, after much tech and scheduling Ramona Interviews was able to Zoom an interview with “WELDER”.   Between COVID and studio scheduling along with everyone’s working schedules the interview is in the CAN and now available at the link below.


Not only was a lucky to catch this talented artist but the message is of global importance for those Artists that are seeking a platform to spotlight their work.  WELDER real name Fitz Roy Donald is featuring artists from around the world from Reggae to Rock to Dance to Inspiration.  In videos, interviews and more.  The purpose to create a format that helps artists get there message out.  Image an access point where people can go to see live interviews, local and community interests, learn about artists as well as videos on local and regional topics of interest.  His goal is to build a community that thrives not just survives.  With all that is lacking from mainstream media and the ever growing present of self-promotion we need more outlets for global connections.  Thank you WELDER for the wonderful interview and the sweet singing!    timelessrecordex.gmail.com  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCo0NjhHi5jSfVNFP5VlWWEQ


About Ramona Interviews: It remains my community service (over 10 years) and I have been interviewing to share knowledge, stories and talents without the hype and phony scripted drama catching BS.   I believe now more then ever we all need to join and form communities in media to help promote and be of a higher service to others.  We are all in this together and we need to respect, share and understand the responsibility of what it takes to be truly in this human experience.  Joining together as Artists and singing, dancing, writing and creating ways  to tell our stories, uplift each other or point out solutions is the best use of media.  In my opinion.

Thank you for watching and sharing. Ramona Interviews and other like minded productions.

Let’s change the WORLD.  Many people one goal – embrace all our brothers and sisters.



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