WELDER to Appear on Ramonainterviews November 2021

Is He a Global Ambassador?  You BET!  From Jamaica to Canada to United States over to Africa and beyond.

WELDER (pictured here) for those that follow this Internationally celebrated Singer, Songwriter and Producer took time from his busy schedule to be interviewed on Ramonainterviews.  THANK YOU WELDER 

Originally from Jamaica and now recording and producing for a global audience from Canada; WELDER’s latest production WELDER’s Spotlight is soon to become a major showcase for talent around the world.  WELDER’s Spotlight showcases the creators and their thinking behind the Art.   Jump cut to some trending social issues and personal interviews and it just keeps growing.  The show can be seen on carribeanworldchannel.com and from Roku as well.  Highlights from our interview: WELDER explains the format, his experiences and passion for providing a format of inclusiveness.   WELDER talks about latest hits Good Samaritan, and Zimbabwe Pray seen on YouTube (Timeless Exclusive Records).

This interview is presently in post-production.  So check back for the link and more details.

Author’s notes:  I have been fortunate in my life to meet some amazing people who like myself see a greater purpose and act as a Global Ambassadors.  I am honored when people with common interests express this value and again I would like to Thank WELDER for his time and patience with Zoom when doing this interview.  Much success and Blessed Be – WELDER.

A shout out to my producer Bill for his work on this interview and to WCCATV.com for the use of their studio- as always.  Public Access at it’s Best.

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