Winter toast

It’s that most wonderful time of the year.

Happy Holiday’s to you all.

It has been an incredible year 2021.  With hopeful aspirations that we would be back out and about with much of 2020 as a distance memory.  However, if you are like me that has not been the case.  Hopping from news story to general consensus on when, what and why COVID is still with us and pondering the what and when of back to normal.  As I ready for the New Year I am resolving myself to the facts.  Viruses do what they do and my priority is to health up, gratitude up and learn to let others drama’s be.  That is not to say 2022 will be a year of total self-adjustment in fact I believe it will be more of a social awakening.  Ideas will be abound and people will find or continue to find how to live with and sustain what really matters to them.  More technology will become available for us to live better with our natural resources and developments will be based on how we can actually use them.

Anger and Fear:  If we have observed anything over 2021 it is that any excuse is not a valid reason to just lash out.  Anger and violence are means to an end which as we know creates more violence and anger stemming from fear, loss of control, refusal to be self responsible, or to allow ones lack of boundaries to plague oneself.  As bothers and sisters living on this planet we need to act Globally on matters of resources, plant and grow locally while creating jobs in all sectors of our economy especially those that are geared at cleaning up our planet and water supply and better distribution and consumption of natural resources.  No matter where you live on this planet we are effective by the nature of being human.  Clean Food, Sustainability, Shelter, Health and Mental Health are the priorities.  There is enough need right how to produce the right jobs to achieve these goals.   That is my thoughts anyway.

While I am another year older and closer to my own mortality; I am becoming more aware that life is short, the good deeds you do outlast the things you buy or want to buy and that there is a higher source moving among us or within us.

May 2022 afford you all the possibilities of wellness and guide you to being all you can be right where you are!


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