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Happy New Year! 2022

Happy New Year!

I welcome you to my blog and I am wishing you good stride in your life journey.  No one said it would be easy but the outcomes of our actions or reactions are telling!  Not only personally but as a society.  Has that not been the past year or maybe even two in the form of a one’s in your “face” lessons?  Where we go from here will depend upon how we mange our individual life balance.

In 2022 lets strive with inner grace to put aside the mental chatter and obsessions with how it was, should be or the notion that everything is well just everything.   Is that not what the New Year is suppose to be about.  Turning the page in our personal book of life.  In nature, a storm clears the way but we seem to get to stuck in the storms debris.  We learn and then practice the following skills: to move aside, to move forward and when to assist.  Our greatest responsibility is to owning our own actions, choosing those actions with a clarity of mind and temper our mental chatter so as to be effective first for ourselves and then for our brother and sisters.

Sayings that really hit me in 2021.  (these are paraphrased).

It is never necessary to compare or compete for the things other people have – thereby saving yourself a lot of money, time and energy rather take the time, money and energy to explore your own talents and abilities.

The greatest gift is in silence

The second greatest gift is in listening- really listening because more and more people just need to be heard.  No response needed, no opinions given, no personal investment on your part.  Just be truly present.

Be truly present in your own life – this means rewiring yourself through new patterns or actions, behaviors, self-evaluation and self-connection.

Work towards making your life a totally connection to your body, mind and soul and then take them all extremely lightly!    

Work to understand that no place or person is either perfect or an ultimate goal for achieving your happiness.

Get closer to God – whatever “God” means to you.  Not an ideology, religion or social order but to that which connects you positively everyday in the now for not only solas but for actions of compassion, grace and interconnection of all on this planet.

Exclusion has become the bases for control and endless mind chatter.

As I closed this blog I will leave you with my husbands take on 2021.  For him is was a year of trails and tribulations that made us face many challenges but it also strengthen our resolve to stand up to the challenges, risks and dangers.

However 2021 was for you, we will all be turning a page on December 31, 2021 – So may 2022 afford us wisdom and the renewed abundance that we are grace in action, always.  God dwells within.


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