Living in Wellness – How do we start on that Path?

It is so easy to say that something needs to change. yes?  Whether it be age, ability or prospective that has triggered a need for some coming change.

We may go through stages like:  just busy figuring it out, or reading up on the how to, when to and why to, or perhaps that fearful of the what would be, these can distract us from the importance of truly acknowledging change.   We can acknowledge that every change takes steps and an abundance of effort.  During our stages we often are sold that a belief in one way or one specific goal can fix all of us.  How could that ever be possible.  We are complex, beautiful and continually in a state of renewal.  Every cell in our body renews as everyday appears and slides into night which renews into day.  If we limit our whole self to one narrow point we can achieve one thing but we are not nor is life one aspect, one condition or one change.  We are wonderfully complex and our approach needs to take that into consideration.  If one stays to focused on a quick fix, a single path or presentation then dependence can occur and generally that is from some source outside of ourselves.

Change sustains when we choose to live outside of your memories/patterns and in the wonder creating new ways and prospective towards your specific need at the time.  Let’s talk about starting with these three steps.

  1. Increase your ability to move your body in a consistent way, everyday.  Walk, exercise (lightly) to improve strength and endurance.
  2. Decrease your intake of caffeine, alcohol,  and sugary based drinks while increasing your water intake.
  3. Connect with yourself: Rehearse your new prayer, meditation, solitude routine.  Give yourself permission to be kind to yourself.  Mentally through affirmations, physically by taking time to slow down and tune into your eating cycle, sleeping cycle and activity cycle, spiritually pray with gratitude and/or meditate (guided or calming environmental sounds).

When you start these three steps just try to observe your bodies reactions and then its actions  during this process.  Make no judgement about what you may feel and notice any differences and  note any changes, if you like.  Movement can be for 10 to 20 mins to start while affirmations can be said throughout the day and just before sleeping. Decreasing caffeine and alcohol can be done slowly but consistently depending upon your intake and present habits. There is not rush as the idea is to begin and grow with these changes.   If you are consuming both caffeine and alcohol on a regular basis you may want to decrease one first then the other.  Please always consult your doctor if you decide to substitute caffeine or alcohol for other liquids/products and remember that water intake has its limits too. LOL

Living in wellness is a process in which ones lives connected to what our body needs and to the Earth in which we receive what we need.  We can consume a variety of foods, experience a variety of ways to connect and maintain a better physical balance through practicing the basics.  No gimmicks, no sold, no one way, no prepared meals, extra special spiritual means or religious requirements.  We need to remember and create time in our lives that we are enough, we can connect in a positive way and accept when others do not.  Be Kind in everyway as you glide into the the life that suits YOU!

Find or make your tribe and practice your basics until you find the next level of self-expression and inner love.  I am continually doing this and I hope you will too.  It’s all about the basics!



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