February’s Warming up with LOVE in a happy place.

Here on the Eastern Coast of the USA February is part of our Flu season, chilly weather and the middle of what we generally call New England Winter.  So what’s warming up?  It is the fact that February is also the month in which we celebrate Valentine’s day.  Not a day/holiday of huge religious bend or status enough to miss school or work it was just a day of sharing our expectations of love.  For some it is candy, flowers and cards what a nice way to say hey I am here and I am thinking about you – today.  Personally, I believe it is important to tell those you love that they are valued everyday by your actions.  Remembering to stop talking and listen, smile and accept and receive help people are handing out.  Accept yourself (self-love) and accept others so you can release your own burdens.  Relationships do not need love but LOVE in a relationship brings joy and peacefulness in ones actions overall.

I wish you and yours a very Happy Valentine’s day and wish you much joy and comfort all your days.

What’s up with the picture.  Well Disney is my Happy Place and I have been lucky to share that experience with my son and my godchild Nyia.   I enjoy the fireworks, the long walks, the people who work there, the characters, the people I meet, the covered apples, and the various activities.  It is nice to go someplace closer to home and return again (when possible) to see myself looking at things differently every time.  We all need a happy place right where we are and (maybe for some like me) a happy place somewhere else too.   Made time to imagine, create and laugh because while LOVE is everlasting our time here is short. 








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