Let’s talk about COVID going forward

Generally, I do not blog about specific illnesses or the general popular opinions about them however COVID has become a major game changer and a general disruption in the daily routines of many people.  So what do we do going forward?

While medical science has become the first responder defense in explaining and reacting to the situation our government has equally played a role as well.  This has broken new territory for those in the U.S.A and shown some divide in our two tiered approach to governing.  State vs. Federal guidelines, controls and other factors.  It was and remains (as of this writing) a test of our ability to mobilize our resources, response to those in need with food & medical care, challenges within our present delivery systems as well as broadening the scope of understanding for both personal and collective responsibilities.  We have become more aware of how connected we are to each other and the services we preform or need to live.  We have become more aware of how isolating it can be to live under restrictions whether self-imposed or by government guidelines.  We are also more aware of how important our personal wellness is for us.  These factors and many more can seem overwhelming as we wait for a cure, a vaccine, more answers and explanations or just the “new normal”.

Fact:  Yes, COVID  is a virus and is spread by contact etc…  Yes, there is an amount of personal responsibility to be safe (not get it) and prevent the spread due to the contact nature and other important factors.  Yes, there is a learning curve to the virus itself and the best way to administrator needed services. Whether we agree with all of them or not will have its time and place going forward.

In that forward, we need to demand that our government work specifically for us.  To curb medical pandemics as well as natural disasters we need properly funded and flexibility delivered protocols and procurements, ways to provide and/or distribute goods and services as well as medical services which include manufacturable medical goods.  It is foolish to assume that we will not have other wide spread challenges in the near future.  We need to be able to mobilize effective mobile medial care and the necessary government support for these functions.  We need a system that works with both state and federal authorities.  This would ensure a boarder base for the specific actions needed to assist “we the people”.  We cannot let ourselves forget why our own well being is our first  responsibility and how to balance our collective one.



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