Calm couple in pajamas meditating, sitting on lotus pose at home.

Meditation the new marketing catch word- What is it really all about….

Meditation is a method used  in which one can experience the process  of not being so focused on the usual everyday auto pilot actions, thoughts, desires and distractions that come with living in a highly sensory fragmented processing state of being.  If you were a computer it would be like getting an automatic and reoccurring clean up, defrag and reboot of your processing systems.

Here are some basics on Meditation:  When we actively tune in or some say tune out.

We first feel our body to relax into a position of sitting or lying down.  We generally follow our breathe to anchor your focus and then we begin to feel our body sitting or lying there.  Then we move through that level of feeling our body to a deeper state of silence/consciousness.   So how do we go through that process?  We use tools; listing to sounds, words, music, breathe or repeating slow movements, or we say words ourselves (mantas) these are some of the tools used to move into levels of deeper states of awareness/consciousness.

Meditation is an action! It should be practiced to receive its full benefits and what those benefit’s are is determined by you!  No one can give you meditation and No technology can give you meditation or meditate for you.   If you are interested in sleeping better or creating a visual or audio environment for relaxing you can find many resources both in video and audio form for your enjoyment but do not let yourself be sold or get confused that this is the same as the practice of meditation.    So what is Meditation you Ask.

Let’s talk about what it is not to make my point clearer then mud! LOL

  • To put you to sleeping
  • As a means of Escape
  • A way to become psychic, spiritual or more or less religious
  • A form of therapy or cure
  • A game
  • A form of hypnosis
  • You have to go to a temple or specific place
  • One practice is more correct then another
  • It is effortless, requires music, chanting, a master, wear specific clothes, do specific movements, closing ones eyes
  • Technology can put one into meditation
  • You have to devote you life to doing it for any benefit
  • It will change your diet, make you stress free, superhuman, give you visual experiences
  • Psychedelic drugs are needed or can help one meditate
  • Is boring, hard to do, seat in a lotus position, can not be done if you have psychological issues or ADD/ADHD
  • Meditation will zone one out, make one emotionless and/or selfish
  • A quick fix
  • The only thing you will need to practice to reduce and/or eliminate stress from your life
  • Technology can put you into meditation
  • Listening to music, nature sounds, chanting, environmental or high frequency sounds will make you meditate.

Well this is a short list of some of the things that meditation is not so keep and open mind of discernment when seeking to find the practice that will help

you on your journey into the action of meditation.

If you are seeking a simple way to focus on your breath and gain guidance for starting a meditation practice check out my site  My breathe instruction is simple and easy to use and will complement any relaxing audio you may have chosen.  Try my instructional approach which offers audio combinations of focused breathe practice, guided meditation and music all in short sessions. You can also book a session with me as we both meditate with my audio instruction and there is always time for Q&A.  Made by me for beginners and easy to use anytime and anyplace.  5 minutes at work, 15 minutes on break, 30 minutes in your own space.

Elizabeth Ramona Pokoly (RA)



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