February is a Fab Month for LOVE!

February is the month of LOVE!  Well it is when we celebrate Valentine’s Day.  So let’s have some fun.

Join me Sunday February 7th at 2pm- 2:45pm “live” on zoom meeting for my talk on What’s your Type”.  A thought provoking look at oneself under three categories: live alone, live with and live with others.  Easy and simple if you are willing to open yourself up to who you are to your environment not necessary the roles you are expected to play.

I found it fun and refreshing prospective and it’s “live” so you can ask questions relate to the topic.  It helped me and I am happy to share it with you.  Because healthy relationships start with you!

I will also be playing some great music by the artist WELDER all themed on LOVE and RELATIONSHIPS.   So let’s enjoy this time together.

Please note that this talk is based on my opinion and observations (only). 

You can also check out a full month of love related daily quotes on ramonasresources.com Instagram and Facebook.   May everyday bring you joy and love and on those days when you don’t feel it as much may you know that LOVE is our nature not just something we seek from others.  RA


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