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Healer, who me. Why Heal with Reiki?

Hey, it’s Ramona here.

The way I see it anyone can heal and this ability we practice on many levels all the time.  A smile, kind words, help with a problem, actions that stop suffering.  In the West most people think of healers as people that are outside of the mainstream.  Religious, metaphysical, supernatural, occultists, gifted from some higher source, from another planet, etc….   Healing is the connection of energy with an intention to render relief, release or reduce blockages of one sort or another to another living thing.  Generally, healing is considered the process of making or becoming sound or healthy again.  Whether we merge Modern Medical practices with energy based practices will be a pressing question for the upcoming advancement in human evolution.

Why does one need to learn a method?  These questions and more can be answered on my website under F&Q but the basic answer is simple; one is learning to focus and obtain the capacity to hold energy for pass through to another.  Those born with the natural tendency to channel energy learn as they practice with the energy.  Healing energy is energy from the source that is directed/intended for healing.  If you desire to ride a bike, ski or dance having instruction helps you to balance your body, gives you steps to follow and while you practice offers guidance to polish your talents.  When and if you choose to work with other in the healing arts it is important to follow guidelines and have appropriate protocols for the safety of everyone.

Why Reiki?  I have found Reiki to be unique because it is taught with the intention as a pass through energy channel.  This means one is open to receiving universal energy but does not drain their own energy. The challenges with using your own energy can lead to burn out, taking on the problems of others, physically, emotionally or mentally. 

  • Reiki is also helpful for people who work in service areas as they have continual contact with others on an energy level.
  • Reiki is also helpful for people that are naturally sensitive to others because the attunement helps with expanding self-awareness when practiced with meditation.
  • Reiki is an easy method to learn and practice and does not interfere with any belief systems.
  • Reiki is the name of the system used to connect with universal life energy. It is not the name of the energy itself.  That is a universal gift within the structure of creation itself.  It is not confined to any external title or belief.  I truly believe that Jesus, Buddha, all Masters on earth or beyond earth, Angels, Saints and others tapped into this energy.  The difference is the intensity of being using it and the free will of the person receiving it.

My advise for those choosing to heal others (including animals) is that they should seek some practice of obtaining the necessary discernment when healing.   

Whether you come to healing as an art or receive a healing to reduce stress and gain some release. You are Welcome.

Offering Level 1 Complete: downloadable media, attunement, private consultation with me and enrollment in private Facebook group for more tips and tools.

I highly recommend Reiki 1 for anyone seeking to learn about healing in general and/or self-healing. This level will allow you to heal all living things, plants, animals, food etc.  I do not separate animals from humans in course work.  My prices are reasonable because my mission it to provide quality instruction and personal training which the on-line process allows.  Accessible quality training and personal attention is the foundation to sustaining any practice.  I have the will, the grace and the skill to provide you with what I have been blessed to learn and use.  Healing is my life’s purpose not my short profit.  Work with me to hold a space for you until you can hold and sustain your own space – through Reiki.

Elizabeth Ramona Pokoly:  I am a Reiki Master/Teacher, TV Host and Social Media Personality, Inspirational Speaker, Everyday psychic/medium, blogger, EFT and Aromatherapy Certificated, Mother of a beautiful son and wild and witty woman of intent.


Remember to start your own practice to self-awareness with consciously being kind and considerate with yourself and those around you.







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