Let’s Go Modality Shopping! Oh My.

Let’s Go Shopping!

Buyer Beware- lot’s of Homework needed Here!

Don’t get taught in the trap that participating in too many modalities makes the person.  It is simply not true.  Introductory programs, courses and consultations are there to assist you in making a choice.  Hopefully, you chose your healthcare provider so choose your wellness practitioner.  Friends are good references, the internet can help as well as some good old personal research.  Do your best to know something about the modality you are interested in and ask yourself those burning questions listed in my Wellness: What is your expectation? blog.

Self-responsibility is so important.  Know, understand and acknowledge your unique medical history without judgement. Should you have concerns never be embarrassed to speak – just be appropriate.  Your meet and greet via internet or in-person should feel comfortable to you. What’s that saying “how was the vibe” it is important. Ask what can be expected and be open with your expectations.  If you do not like to be touched then massage may not be the best mode of relaxation for you.  I think you get it!

How will you know which modality will be right for you.  Yoga, Meditation, Emotional Freedom Technique, Aromatherapy, Acupuncture, Reiki Healing, Polarity, Massage, Mindfulness, Therapy, Food Sensitivity Omission, Healing Shaman, Infrared Sauna, Feng Shui, Naturopathy, Silva Method,Homeopathic Doctor, Healing Energy, Chiropractic Care, Midwife and many more.

Simple: What is your present priority? Have to many?  Pick one because you have to start somewhere.  As a general statement most wellness modalities deal with movement of some kind.  Some to unblock, assist with relief or release and or relax your body, mind or both.  This is my general statement.

While I can’t tell you what is right for you – because I simply do not know.  I can tell you what I have used and how it works or worked for me over the past 3 decades.  The goal is to work toward understanding your personal well being.  Yup! through all life’s changes, stages and challenges.

Meditation:  my go to practice for general vitality and mental strength as well as relaxation.   Modes: music, chanting, walking, prayer, guided.

Reiki Healing:  I am trained and use it both in practice and in my everyday activities.
Yoga:  Self-taught and some guided instruction in very general movements.  Works good for strengthening and breathing practice.  No pretzel envy here.  LOL
Homeopathic Doctor:  This was done 20 years ago with an excellent accredited person. He no longer practices but I have two books and use basic remedies.
Healing Energies:  I have been witness and participated in people who have healing energies even if they do not publicly announce it. (show # 172) My about page lists them.
Aromatherapy: I have used limited essential oils – mainly in my homemade deodorant/bath balls and massage oil.  I use it in my diffuser but not very frequently due to being sensitive and the risk of over sensitivity for a scent.   My Go to essences are Lavender, Rose and Citrus.  Here is a Aromatherapy Arsenal – The Basics– (purchased the rights to).   Acupuncture:  I have use an acupuncturist for allergy symptoms and general nervous systems needs as well as digestion and post pregnancy care issues.  Is good for me as a compliment when under Chiropractic care.  Gr practice acupuncture-(show Tess Bois)
Chiropractic: used during my pregnancy and use now as needed.  My desk work has pluses and minuses to maintaining alignment.
Naturopathy:  I use this for my baseline needs and for supplement nutrients and homeopathic needs if and when they arise. It has been helpful while going through my  multi phased clearing.  (show #199)
EFT & TFT:  I like this technique as it can be self-taught and is a quick refocusing tool. Nice release method if one gets overwhelmed by an emotionally charged situation.  It also works for emotional clearing and compliments other activities.  EFT (show # 200)
Silva Method:  This method can be self-taught & trained and can be incorporated into meditation. I have used the method through my previous mentor.  There are other methods based on the concepts for taking more control of your mindset and or reprogramming unhealthy or negative thinking patterns. You may find there is some likeness in the counting down and wording used in hypnosis therapy.
Tensegrity:  This is my go to movement for reset and concentration.
QiGong:  An easy routine to gently move the body and can be self-taught. I do use it but often in specific movements like three specific at a time and at random times.
Feng Shui:  This is my go to or live with Method. It strengthen positive energy and creates beauty in my living space.  I use the four elements earth water fire and air and it can be self-taught.  Following this guided placement system allows for maximizing light, general usability of area, color, sightlines, and good energy flow. People also think of it a staging and Feng Shui principles can be incorporated into staging activities.   It is an easy and inexpensive way to enhance your living, working or home space  If you are seeking to stage an area, home or business development/project you may consider hiring a professional.
Wellness/Life coaches and others:  I do not have a personal coach but my mentor in all things psychic, healing and energy work was my Go to person.  I have interviewed coaches and they explain what they do and who they are.  Susan Powter, Kimberley Bell (show #228),  Sedruola Maruska (show #234) June House (show #229) Kristen Higgins (show #225)
Psychic realms….Readings, Mediums, and such..  Outside of my life long direct experiences giving and receiving.  I have participated in psychic modalities like fortune tellers, mediums, tarot and oracle cards and used readers/mediums for tune ins. (shows: 204 & 205, 203, ramona garcia part 1 & 2).  This is a personal choice and I pass no judgement in its regard except to say that the intention should be positive and all purposes should be taken with wisdom and self responsibility.  I also can provide referrals to people I have used that were not interviewed. Please email me at info@ramonasresources.com in the subject line referral for psychic/medium and what your preferred mode of contact would be.
Astrology:  Definition:  Astrology is a pseudoscience that claims divine information about human affairs and terrestrial events by studying the movements and relative positions of celestial objects. Wikipedia.  With that being said: I have used this for myself and my son pertaining to a life charts and found it useful.  It has been my experience that one needs to have a vast knowledge of the field to grasp it.  I am very open to how an alignment of activities, persons and specific retrogrades can affect people. I further believe that humans are connected to energies, energy patterns beyond what we now know and that may reach to the stars and back.  I am comfortable in saying that it is more a pseudoscience.  I fully accept that different cultures have different applications and I respect that.

Massage: There are many kinds of massage therapies and knowing your body and your purpose may assist in finding the right fit for you.  I have used massage for years (mainly swedish) and also with Physical Therapy for specific needs.  Any massage should be appropriate and training should be involved.

Please note that Show # or names have been provided for you in the sections that they apply. Over the last two decades (in the spirit of community service) I have interviewed people one on one about wellness modalities and lifestyle.  Interviews listed are those that relate to the topic and should give you an overview of the subject.  All free and each about 20 mins long.  I believe in the continue process of knowledge without the hype and fanfair.  Enjoy!  general link: wccatv.com  tab: watch, program list, select ramonainterviews and look for show name or number. 

In closing:

If we can pursue activities that can help to promote self-healing while acknowledging consciously our own self-responsibility we can gain a deeper understanding of wellness as a journey and even become exhilarated by the process.

I hope you enjoy exploring for yourself the many offerings but mostly I wish for you to find ways in your everyday life to appreciate the gifts of nature, be with them, bring them into your life, use with care while replacing the bounty the Earth offers. Be comforted by the continual cycles of nature and listen, learn and participate in her very rhythm for we are together.   ERP

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