If only it were on a different Planet

Is there talk again about living on another planet.

I am always amazed by the next theory about living on other planets or aliens that may live on other planets. Honestly, I am not so sure having a meet and greet with an alien would be top on my “to do” list.  First off what in heck would you talk about?  Then there would be the whole weird vibe thing?  Human are connected to the Earth and therefore we have a specific energy vibration (one that we don’t think about) but are used to.  Would I be able to handle that different kind of processing without weirding out.  Some people claim that Aliens would adjust to us – maybe. Growing up it was either they came with the intention to study us or by accident (like taking the wrong turn on the way to somewhere else).  Either way, I am not convinced that humanity as a whole is ready to entertain all the necessary possibilities that living on another planet would entail.  We seem to have numerous problems on the one that was designed for us- Earth.   Until Humanity learns to live with what is and take care of what is.  I do not see how going somewhere is not in some way a kind of running away from home because you think your luggage will not follow you.   Our luggage is the mess we need to fix right here on this beautiful Earth.  Honor our resources and connect with the Earth’s bounty and use our creative and expanding force as human being to be a good steward to our planet and therefore ourselves.

Why, I cannot image anyone would want to live on another planet with breathing equipment or enclosed in structures that protect us from a hostile environment.  While it may be exciting to create, design and expand technology to do so there seems to be an odd person out feeling about the whole thing.  I believe that the likelihood of finding another Earth is slim but there is no harm in looking!

As for others living somewhere else in space.  Sure, why not.  Space is big, really big so if they want to be found and we are looking in the right place we may.  First contact would be very interesting!

To close:   This Earth is unique just like the Human beings that have free will and live on it.  We need to put our creative talents and energy into making our beautiful planet sustainable for us.  We need to make good choices in how we use our resources and how we prolong our quality of life while balancing the natural resources given so freely to us. We need to explore the space around and within ourselves and connect to each other using that free will and create a balance of logic and intuitiveness.  Let’s explore and create balance in our own ecosystem before we venture out to live somewhere else.    The lighter the luggage the better the living on this planet or another.  As for those Aliens.. If they want to know about us they will, if they don’t, who cares we have everything we need right here on this little unique planet we call Home – Earth.











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