Halloween Time….

I always liked Halloween growing up.  While trick or treating was not done in my neighborhood it was a great excuse to head to Grandma’s to have a great meal and do some treating.  I loved the dress up and the door to door visiting of neighbors I knew.  One year we even went to a whole different area “one of those Halloween rows”) bringing us candy for the whole year via freezer storage.  But in all fairness it was not the candy or even the dress up that stuck with me.  It was the welcoming of each door responded to your knock.  It was the smiling face and quick glance into the home of another that was so amazing.  It was like a big hug of mystery at each door.  I was an only child and so curious about family life of others.  Halloween offered me imagery for my imagination of what other families life must be like.  Please do not misunderstand me, I was not peeping into places or making notes – dang I was under 9 years of age.  It was just exciting to see the smallest part of someone else’s world.  As I grew older, Halloween became about parties and dressing up (and yes I still do this today).  M. Adams or Alice in Wonderland my two favorites.  But I digress.  Pagan roots I read and of course some references to the day of the dead and lot’s of other cultures or theories about how and why it started, changed, became commercialized etc. I am not an expert on Halloween and I am not trying to be or represent it to others in any way.    All I know is this:  You get to dress up, go out at night carrying a light, meeting people and genuinely being joyful and there is chocolate.   OK is that not magic!  LOL.  I understand how Halloween is not everyone’s “go to” event and that some associate only negative things to it but that is not my world of curiousness and creative positive play.  Now that I am older dress up still remains and the spirit of connection and creative fun still comes out.  Halloween comes in the fall which is another season that I love for its colors, cooler but yet warm weather and of course pumpkins and all those homemade stews.  Halloween’s message for me is:  do not take life so seriously or your beliefs so that you turn away from being at ease with life itself,  have great respect and something distance from things you do not really know about, respect your ancestors, have fun in life, be curious, imaginative, and mostly be welcoming and kind to others.  Be a treat for others to know.    So grab a broom and sweep down the steps the kids are coming in there Halloween best.  Note:  with the present restrictions due to covid-19 it is my hope that people will find ways to connect throughout all the holidays that are celebrated but mostly that they connect in positive way everyday!

Recipe:  Broth soup

Boxed organic stock or home made – enough to fill a large pan or crock pot 3/4 of the way

Put in carrots, green beans, celery, potato and sweet potatoes – chopped in bite size pieces

If adding protein:  Beef/Pork/Chicken or  Very Firm Tofu – cut into very small pieces and brown protein in frying pan with olive oil before adding to the pot

Add spices of your choice lots of them.

Cook on high for 4-6 hours or low for 8-10 in crock pot or until all items are tender to your taste.  If needed add water to the pot while cooking.  Garnish with fresh herbs when serving.

Happy Halloween.  Cooking in hat or costume is optional!


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