Daylight Saving? STILL.

Not sure about you but getting darker earlier because we here in the US are still on Daylight saving makes no sense to me.  I simply do not enjoy the added reflected vests and neon wearables necessary to cross the street on my way home from taking the bus.  Why our government has not stopped with this outdated custom is beyond logic.  I understand the concept that the more people you gather in a room the less consensus you will receive but really!   This has got to go.

How’s this to shake things up.  All employers have to pay people and let them out early due to the use of daylight saving.  This way I would not have to walk home or my neighbors, or you in the dark due specifically to the time change.  I am sorry for those that the natural cycle of day and night affords you continual darkness.  The Earth is a weird and wonderful place.   This rant is very local and dear to my heart as sometime ago I was 3 feet away from being run over while in a crosswalk because those first two weeks of adjusting to daylight savings are somehow lost on all of us.  While the incident was heart pounding and honestly I thought it was going to be my time, the person slowed down as I kept moving enough to save my butt.  So $50 dollars later geared up like a christmas ornament I continued to brave the walk home.

Yes, there are many problems with city life.  Cars go to fast, roads are to straight, people are unaware or distracted, crosswalks are not lite enough, police do not sit at every intersection to remind people to slow down.  Public transportation does not deliver you right to your door and the list goes on and on.  I say drop daylight savings and move into the 21 century.  It has been 55 years and I am still waiting for the signal to change.  Green for go on No more Daylight Savings.

For everyone else:  As Daylight savings in upon us please remember to be extra careful when walking across the street and please get off the phone, take out the earbuds and look around – your safety is in your awareness!





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