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Welcome to Ramona’s Blog.


Here you will find my candor and wit in written format as we discover all kinds of wellness & lifestyle topics. Some will be current news (as I see it) other observations on lifestyle topics and of course wellness.  Writing comes natural to me and I hope you find my blog helpful and entertaining.  You can always email me at if there is a subject you would like me to consider for by blog page. is my passion because I am a healer by practice and communicator by nature.  My TV Show “Ramonainterviews” has over 200 shows and has been a public/community service for over a decade.  You can watch them by visiting ( ramonainterviews under programs.  This is a free resource of my interviews on lifestyle topics and wellness.  Get informed, learn something new about wellness modalities, art and culture, local authors and other just interesting events and activities.  The entire production is volunteer and it remains my community service. is more than just a website for Reiki healing services, classes and learning to meditate with me.  I have set up links and offer free mediation breath instruction to get you on your way.  I use Facebook (private group for clients only) and instagram (public) ramonaheals  for daily positive quotes. General weekly oracle reading can be seen for now on elizabeth ramona pokoly- facebook.  Also, from time to time I do a mini talk with is a video blog on a specific subject. goal is to assist you in finding the tools to connect within so that you can make sustainable connections with others without the drama, hype or continuous new fad fanfare often promoted by wellness marketing.

Upcoming blog topics in 2020.

Wellness Modalities, what are they all about.

Fun memories with Halloween

Cleaning out the clutter

Talk about living on other planets

and more…..  Blog with you Soon.  Launch October 2020.


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