It’s My Space and I’m ok with it. I think?

How is your space looking these days?  We spend a lot of time on caring for others, our bodies and even our possessions but maybe it is time to look at our space.  Let’s get personal.  How is your space working for you? and  Where is your “go to” space?   It could be a corner of a room, an area within a room, your own room, etc. Do you have some control over that space?  The items in it as well as cleaning it and its general look?  If so, let’s get the basics down and begin.

Clearing out clutter  – I know everyone says this; but it is a golden rule. This exercise is meant to help you take stock of what you have, what you actually use and what you actually need.  No one knows your lifestyle better than you.  This applies to everything from furniture to the possible numerous bathroom cleaners you have.

After you have trimmed down and adjusted your space it helps to live in it for a week or so.  Observe how you feel moving in the space and notice where your eye is drawn to when you are entering the space.  Love that view?  Then set up the area to allow an eyes path to the view (whether sitting or standing).  Hate that spot?  Direct the flow or attention to another area and/or place something like plants, lighting, screens etc.
If you need to add texture or color choose accent pieces as they tend to be less expense or more but you will need less.  Also, for kitchens and bathrooms having things accessible and safe when used or stored should be considered.

The Last Golden Rule for the space conscious or the frugal minded!
If you buy/bring something In then one existing thing must go out.*
Adding those new/renewed/used things:  Choose wisely when you add as you worked hard to clear out the clutter.  It is important to note that clearing the clutter should not be done for the purpose of buying everything new. It will only bring you back full circle to having to clear out the clutter- again.  I don’t know about you but I am not crazy for doing things twice but I fully understand that it happens.   Practice makes perfect!

*There is one exception to this rule and that is when you are starting from scratch.  Your dorm room, first apartment, living transitions, ect….

Finally, remember to bring nature into your space, plants, sunlight, extra lighting, clear views, fresh air when possible, pictures of nature, air, wood, metal, water elements.  But most of all be well in your space.  Love yourself and be aware of the importance of your space.  After all even when you space is totally empty it still holds your personal vibes.


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