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2021 Welcome….

Welcome to 2021 now known as the year after the 2020 pandemic!.  2021 deserves more credit then it may be getting.  As the first half of the year unfolds our human nature will play catch up but don’t look for anything happening at break neck speeds.  Uplifted are we that as Spring approaches and with it the intensity of the 2020 pandemic will be evolving into how the heck are we going to sort out the benefits and set backs of last year.  Moving forward with lessons learned: 2021 will bring some sense of solidness to the rapid changes we have all been experiencing and as we the people continue to define what is really important to us, what really matters, and how to create ways to help each other in 2021.  Even if in the summer the tide continues to ebb and flow our ability to go within and find an inner power shine brighter then the sun and this will help us overcome any changes.  On a global scale 2021 is a year of voices rising to monitor and create necessary change and this all starts at home.  Fear which was broadcasted and made very political will be even out as 2021 will offer us a way to cope, bond and believe more in our own abilities then in the mindless followings of another.  Whatever ‘normal’ was before 2020 will not be the same in 2021 as businesses, individuals and governments learn to adjust and make new inroads of participation.  We are fated in a sense to the circumstances of the 2020 but then again we are also renewed as well.  My advise for 202?  Hold positive people, ideas, tools and actions in the ready.  Follow your heart in the flow of self love and self exploration.  Keep your power and create something grand to help yourself and others.  Be a Good Sarmatian and do not judge yourself or others when you feel off balance.  Keep to your own stuff because you can’t change anyone else but hold gratitude in all things.  Give kindness and expect the best of others, talk when needed and listen a lot.  Surround yourself with media that uplifts you to seek God within and demand for yourself time to meditate and pray as we are shaping 2021 for all.

Here is my zoom meeting 2021 reading for the whole year.  I have sorted the year by seasons and I hope you enjoy this production.  ERP

2021 oracle card reading with Elizabeth Ramona Pokoly & Karen. 

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