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Health is not just about absence of a disease or ailment.  It is about maintaining balance in the many functions of your body and your mind.  Most people agree that the mind & body share a unique and inspiring connection. Self-healing is one example of that.  Healing or Self-healing is not new age it is actually ancient and everyone has the ability to heal.  As a matter of fact your body is healing all the time as the trillions of cells adjust and regenerate.  This complex system of health and well being is only now merging modern science with ancient ways.  This is a great benefit for everyone.  Claiming as much self-responsibility for your well being and finding the tools to make positive changes stick.   The Reiki Method was one such Key for me – will it be for you?

The BASICS:  How Healing works.   Energy is exchanged, intended, channeled, or released to yourself or another.  If takes mindful practice to focus your thoughts and intentions towards healing.  The strength of the exchange, intended, channelled, or released energy will depend upon varying degrees.  Your personal belief system/cultural acceptance as well as your own openness to energy from the source.  I choose The Reiki Method for my self-healing journey because Reiki was a channeling method which bypassed any personal projections, personal energy and therefore personal ego’s in the healing process.  Meaning the energy is drawn down through me and the receiver taps into that energy and uses it as they need it.  In this way, there is no exchange or release of anyone’s personal energy or karma in the healing process.  Think of it like this.  When someone yells are you in full pitch you can feel the vibration and the tension coming at you.  It is a projection of the other person’s physical release of energy and an exchange because most people will absorb some of it and then likely shake it off.  In order not to take on projections a kind of buffer must be in place either by the method of channeling or because the person has a learned to deflect with love and re channel that energy to God or some other directed means.  If that is not done or perfected the healer can experience exhaustion/karma/illness or distress to themselves and possibly others.

REIKI HEALING HAS YOU COVERED.  When you learn Reiki you become attuned and this attunement allows for a direct download of the ULF energy thereby bypassing the givers personal “anything” which facilitates the receiver to draw the energy into themselves for what they need for themselves.  Another words the giver does not control what, where or how the energy will work or where it goes.  The receiver draws or downloads the energy they need at that time and they decide where it goes.  Once you become attuned your intention alone will start this flow of energy.  Did you know that the receiver can give Reiki (when intended) even when they are sick?  I strongly recommend not giving a healing to others when you are sick (you can heal yourself)  because germs and viruses can spread via contact with others.  The reason I state this fact is because when you are attuned with Reiki which opens the flood gate to the Universal Life Force Energy that energy acts on a different scale then our perception of the body’s limitations.  Children often snuggle when they are not feeling well this is because they recognize the need to rest and heal but they also exchange energy on many levels as well as receive naturally.  Because children’s cells grow and reproduce so rapidly they do not tend to exhaust themselves in energy exchanges.  Also, children have a natural ability to assist others but when they see you are not receptive they will stop and honor your wishes.  I believe that young children are naturally tuned to healing and can benefit from a parent or caregiver that is attuned.

If you are thinking about learning Reiki for self-healing or to teach others. I highly recommend that you get a Reiki healing session with the Reiki master before you start to work with them.  If not, at least talk with them and find out about their intention, training and general purpose.  You decide what format (online video instruction, Zoom Meeting, person to person, group or individual study) and which teacher will work best for you.  Learning to self-heal helps with maintaining and sustaining your overall wellness, it makes you more aware of your body and thoughts especially if you combine it with meditation.  Reiki is a wonderful self-healing approach and I highly recommend you do it for yourself first and reap the benefits.  Where you go from there is up to you and the work you are willing to do if you go into the business of Reiki Services.  This is why my teaching method is flexible to meet your needs.  As a teacher and practitioner; I am very whole client centered and this added value can help greatly with sustaining your own wellness practice alongside doing Reiki.

What Reiki with Ramona Means for You!  My goal & intention is to help you help yourself with Reiki as a foundational tool.  If you are seeking to make a change or get out of the stress loop and foster a better sense for a happier daily life then Reiki may be your Key.  It was for me! offers level I and II and both have attunements.  Basically, Level I is everything you need to open, strengthen and start self-healing as well as heal others.  You do not necessarily have to do Level II.  The advantage of Level II is at-distance healing, emotional clearing reboot and an additional attunement. See the services tab on the homepage for more details.

You may have seen different teachers saying or doing their courses in different ways.  There is no right or wrong way to teach (in general) and the attunement is the sealing of The Reiki Method.  Reiki with Ramona is built on quality of service and value for money and our time together.  For those thinking this is a quick fix FAD for some or all your problems or you were told/sold that Reiki as a business is a “Golden Ticket” you may have to adjust your thinking.

The cost:  Get ready for a shock – because if you are a believer that something has to cost a lot to be valuable then you will need to arrange your thinking.  All my service costs are reasonable and my time spend priceless.  My goal is to be of service while maintaining my own well being practices and life responsibilities – just like you!  Reiki with Ramona offers “free” and “to buy” tools for meditation, and healing as well as a private Facebook group for feedback, Q&A and booster live healings with Ramona.  This is your journey and we are here to support you along the way. Reiki classes are not refundable once confirmed because all the materials are sent to you electronically upon confirmation of payment.  Classes need to be completed within 2 months of payment confirmation date and zoom meetings are a requirement for the necessary practice and guidance given by Ramona. Ramona’s purpose is to teach not preach and to walk this learning experience with you as needed.

What about other healing methods.  There are other healing methods as well as The Reiki Method.  There are also other healers who are born with a naturally pronounced gift or develop one using channeled healing.  Hopefully, they generally learned how to handle and/or buffer energy exchanges (for themselves) when healing others.  Healing is something everyone has the ability to do or be trained to do and as a natural ability they can choose to ignore it or practice it or place it in the realm of other worldly things.  I am not personally experienced with other methods of teaching healing but have witnessed the energy channeled by others.  Take time to build trust in any healing method, do not place yourself in uncomfortable situations or involve yourself in activities that you would not be proud of or have a positive life experience connection with.  Healing is not a horse and pony show. I have also found that with Reiki attunements one does not have to have years of yoga, meditation, other psychic or religious experiences to open oneself to channeling energy for self-healing or healing others.  The Reiki Method presents itself to be the easiest to learn and incorporate into our busy everyday lives.  I can honestly say that learning Reiki and using Reiki changed my life when applied as a positive foundational tool for my well being.  It compliments everything I continue to do along my path and made me even more attuned to my purpose and environment.  I did the work and I received the benefits that is what self-healing is about.  Faith, Trust and Action (Reiki as one of those actions).

Service is the way, Self-healing is viable, and the universe responses when the effort is genuine.  If you feel like I do and believe it is time to change.  Give Reiki with Ramona your attention.


Reiki is the gift you give yourself as an added value to your natural ability to connect and direct the ULF energy for the betterment of all.  For when you change; so does your world and then the worlds of others by your new presence in it.  ERP




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