It’s all about the distribution – and we better hop to it!

Well, here we are (almost April 2021) running to 3rd base in the hope that the next stop will be an easily slide into home.  Just as big pharma is joining in and loading up with vaccines and the money pitch from yours truly Uncle Sam is assured we find that someone keeps moving the bases.  Nothing makes sense yet everything continues to move forward.   it is like standing on a horizon line where you know it goes somewhere because someone drew it yet the POV gets smaller and further away. You do your part and keep walking towards something?  This is due (in my opinion) to 3 main factors:  Distribution, information and technology regarding distribution and a lack of definable and consistent handling of exposure risks by individual states.

This triangle of temperance leads to news overload, fear and impatience. Now over a year in the US and Covid is not post anything.  All those betting on an April reprieve you lost.  Now there is talk of sending kids back to school for two months.  Then  send them home for the summer without having vaccinated all the teachers.  How going back to school will be done and how many parents will be forced or will decide to place there kids in school remains to be seen.   The logic escapes me –  So it would seem we make decisions about exposure before we protect those exposed?  Can’t get there from here! Covid overload here we come.  Get your ticket:

and que on the platform(s) because you will be waiting and waiting knowing full well that each train coming is “Booked Fully”.  Time tables be damned.  If you live in my state and have been doing the online shuffle to find an appointment you know what I am talking about.

While the covid pandemic raised a lot of valuable questions concerning public health issues and personal responsibility (along with other things)  it presented the US with a serious distribution challenge.  The underlining factor of how to distribute and by whom remains a complete mystery neither of which was fully address by the Federal or State Governments.  The Federal Government appears to give the oversight, while the States run crazy attempting to fill in, train and mobilize and secure the necessary pieces of the distribution puzzle.  Kind of like where’s WALDO without the hat.  As for the vaccination schedule:  My money is on the Fall for maybe half of all people in areas that have viable means for major public health distributions.  The largest category for my state has not even started as I write this yet despite the extra early, extra feel good announcements for distribution and sites it’s a slow train coming for those even newly bumped up and then bumped over.

The view will widen as time goes by and our impatience will turn to better creative solutions for ourselves, our families, our workplace environments and how we do just about anything.  It’s not all bad if we take this learning lesson in the art of distribution and create sustainable procedures and protocols free from political gain or loss and join together in the best prevention ever Healthy minds and healthy bodies.   Until then hang on this to shall pass!


This posting is based upon my personal opinion and observations.  It in no way attempts to discredit the work done by public health officials, government agencies and states governments or individuals.  Rather is a kind of satire on the overall inconsistences (in general) of the Federal to State oversite of the covid pandemic distribution system.  While each state may have unique approaches to public health distribution – my point is we need to have a EPHIA emergence public health intervention agency.  I just made that up. LOL  to assist with a crisis like this and to support states in building the systems needed so when this happens again we will be better prepared.  ERP


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