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Beware: Marketing Meditation may not be what it seems..

ERP Here:   Now you may be thinking what could possibly go wrong with buying aids and accessories for meditation.  Well first off:  You maybe spending money on things you do not need to sustain a meditation practice.  Nothing that you buy will make you meditate only you can put in the time to practice.  So have fun with it!   Building a meditation practice can be done for different reasons so know your reason and what your expectations are.  Then get some free downloads and try the different methods available.  You build a practice by working in stages and gradually build up your time spend within the practice.  If you are seeking to sleep then try free music, sounds or guided meditations with self-hypnosis.  If you are seeking to de-stress then start with guided meditations and breathing practices.  This is a journey not a race. There is no right or wrong pace and the purpose I believe is to self regulate by learning to be more in tune with your body through your breath so that you can better deal with stress and triggers.  Not necessarily through a machine telling you – at least for now.

Some facts the way I see it.

The act of meditation is free and already downloaded in your being!   Isn’t that great. So the only thing people can sell you is accessories and means of measurements.

Let’s talk accessories:

When I talk to people about leaning to meditate this is what I tell them.  Your greatest cost is the time you put into practicing.  period….  Focusing on the breath is the first part of the practice and you can use my free breath practice instruction at   

Clothes:  wear loose and comfortable clothes so that you can sit or lie down easily and not have to adjust what you are wearing.  Light shoes, if needed.  Have a sweater or shawl/mini blanket in case you get cold.

Pillows:  Use pillows to cushion your tail bone or help with your back against a chair.  The purpose is to allow you to be comfortable for whatever length of time you need.  Most beginners do not need fancy or specific pillows unless they have a medical condition or personal condition.  Remember part of meditation is to feel your body where it is and then to forget about it!  LOL   

Posture:  sit or lie down with your spine as straight as possible with your arms by your side or positioned upon your knee’s facing upward with your palms.  Please note:  one does not have to be twisted into a pretzel to practice meditation.  Also, keep you head looking straight forward and consider positioning your gaze at the horizon or straight ahead. Some people focus on their third eye (a spot in between their eyes).

Your Space:  have you immediate space as clutter free and quiet as possible.  Try to eliminate any outside distractions (including smells, sounds, activities or other people) Shut the door and turn off electrical devises (exception if you are listening to guided meditation) or keep them on at about two feet distance from you.

Electronic Devises:  Let’s face it we live in a tech age and perhaps someday science and meditation will merge for some real direct causal links to the right chemical and stimulation to work.*  But I am of the old fashion variety.  Why pay for what is free from the efforts of your own work in practicing.  Measuring devises and alarms may help some people but I do not recommend such an investment until you have learned the basics.

With the exception of something to generate music or vocal instruction and if really, really needed headphones or earbuds meditation is better coming from an internal source of focus like listening to your breath or saying silently a mantra.  Generally, I recommend people to be gadget free but when starting out I actually find that the companionship is very helpful.  Ultimately, meditation should be done without the aid of anything but your own internal capacity to be aware and for many nature’s natural sounds are extremely powerful.   Just a note:  meditation builds up ones abilities and therefore is not a quick fix instead it is a life long tool.  Downloaded for your convenience to reach the essence of all that you are in the love of the universe.  No batteries required and all the free upgrades you could ever use. 

My take on apps:  there are lot’s of apps for meditation and they offer a variety of choices to try.  Please note that awareness of breath is the primary factor in meditation and gaining better health.  Guided meditation can not give you the ability and many are made for specific purposes.  Take time to know your needs and ask for advise and assistance when needed.  I have no specific preference to any app available that offers different options or methods.  If you are going to pay for app then get the most out of it by doing the breath practice work , first (try my free instruction) and learning the very basics of meditation, focus practice.

If you a beginner and interested in breath instruction/basic breath instruction practice book a session at  Sessions are 30 min and 1 hour.   You will get a free breath practice (6mins) when you book to practice before your session and then during your session we plan out your goals, do a pre-recorded guided practice and have Q&A time.  Reasonable priced at $15.00 for 1/2 hour on Zoom and $30.00 for an hour on Zoom.  So before you plunk down hundreds in devices and subscriptions take the time know yourself better.  Also available monthly $5.00 per person guided meditation session (group via zoom).  You will need to sit for 30 minutes for this recorded meditation and it includes a Q&A session. Copies of this heartbeat guided meditation are available for sale as well at  I use it an love it.   Be Well!


*Now there maybe some people for reasons of concentration issues, medical issues or other issues where measured assistance may come into play.  I am not a doctor so I can not give an opinion as to any benefits or need. Basically, I would advise one to practice first trying different methods and see how you go.




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