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Winter Will be Here Soon!

OMG  it is Winter Season- again.
Welcome to the biannual marathon of those that live in a climate that seasons cycle.
CheckList Ready!
Winter boots,
Winter shoes
Winter hats, mittens, gloves, scrafts, socks
Long underwear, PJ’s
Winter Clothes
Winter sheets and bedding
Winter Coats, Sweaters etc.
Winter Gear
Winterizing the House
Winterizing the vehicles
Oh, Yeah Winterizing Me
There is no right or wrong way to do this just plan out an hour or two and start the switch- right?  Well it all begins in my house with searching under the beds, in the closets and /or attic and then on to the basement.  Someone get me GPS markers so I can find those boxes I packed so diligently about 6 months ago!  Now you are thinking to yourself what’s all the fuss.  Just take the stuff out of the boxes and replace them with the stuff from Spring and Summer and call it a day.  Well that would be nice if the kids would stop growing and waist lines stayed exactly the same. Not to mention quality of items made today and Moths let’s not talk about Moths.   Things don’t last like they use to and the weather doesn’t hold a respectable pattern long enough for one coat to make it from Fall to Spring.  Then there is the winter shoe issues.  We all have them!   Boots for snow, boots for walking and boots for work.  Winter means three sets of shoes just to get you into and out of the office, store or doctor’s appointment.  I don’t know about you but I can’t walk to get the bus using the same winter shoes that I can work in all day.  For those that stay at home or work from home.  Well it’s two pairs for you!  Boots for snow and winter shoes for everything else- being social has its own shoe “dues”.   So four boxes of clothes later I have successfully managed to sort, move and donate clothes ending this biannual event for another year. Now time to move onto the house!   I am not sure why we who live with seasonal change cycles don’t get an extra day off just for this purpose.  I have tried to do this piece by piece but it doesn’t work.  You have to just dive in and get it done.  My mantra change is good, Change is good….  LOL
The topic above is written as satire of sorts.  I am not complaining at all and it should be taken lightly in good cheer.  ERP
Now on to being Serious.
Some Wintertime Advise – very nice.
Me Time in Winter –  Getting in touch with your winter cycle.
Winter is Yin time. Yin is passive, contractive, cool, dry and dark. Winter is the deep down season. In Chinese medicine each season has a corresponding internal organ which is influenced by the season. So as the plants slumber and the Bear hibernates in humans the Yin moves to the Kidneys.  In Chinese medicine this is where energy is stored in preparation for the Spring and Summer. People often feel that the Winter season lends itself to making time for deep and quieting introspection. It is also a great time to self-heal and self-nourish as this time brings on the Flu Season.
So feed your blood with the medicine of food and herbs. Try warming foods cooked more slowly and roasting vegetables with warming spices to encourage internal warmth. Take long, warm baths and stay grounded. Be aware if you need to sleep a bit longer and make time for resting because there will be time to catch that energy refresh in the coming Spring. Spend time in meditation and enjoy the stillness of winter’s embrace. Reconnect with your inner compass and divine intuitive spirit. Don’t forget to drink some water at room temperature and enjoy the show that Mother nature supplies in Wintertime.
Enjoy the Winter Season with Ease!
Thank you for the client notice which I based the recommendations from “Easing into Winter” Traditional Chinese Medicine.

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