Wellness: What is your Expectation?

Wellness as topic often crosses one’s mind under the two general circumstances.  Let’s be Honest here!   When we suffer and when (for whatever reasons) we think we need to  adjustment or change our lifestyle.

Wellness is generally held to mean an active process of becoming more aware so as to make healthy choices that lead to a more fulfilling life.  Which of course is subject to each individual person’s meaning for “awareness” and “fulfilling.”  I personally would add that wellness should include acquiring self-directed tools which can assist you along your wellness journey.

“Get yourself a foundation” and build from there.  ERP

Yes, my friends, it is a journey and not a destination.
Wellness is not the same as “health.”  Health for many is the absence of a disease, or suffering of some kind and/or the abatement, supression or adjustment to an illness or suffering.

1. When we suffer we seek relief, release, and/or solace.  It is a multi layer process.
Relief: Get rid of the pain, problem, evidence or relieve the pain, problem or evidence
Release: Let go of or deal with the emotional factors and habits that are associated with suffering
Solace: Receive comfort and connection during suffering or in our lives

My approach is to give you self-guided tools like meditation and healings that you can use as your foundation.  If you decide to incorporate (when appropriate) other modalities it would be of benefit if they assist you with managing degrees of relief and release. If the initial approach to wellness stems from an illness chose modalities that will assist with your general healing process and any medical treatments you may be receiving.

 Through self-healing you can gain some solace but wellness is not a religion or social order.  Be cautious of expectations that Wellness is or should be the next religious movement. Be cautious of ad’s stating: The only way, absolute way, and or absolute teacher or method. These claims may take your expectations to a high that can’t be fulfilled.

2. When we seek to make changes in our lives the source is usually outside influences but can be internal awareness or the acceptance of circumstances – not directly related to a chronic suffering .

When we change our lifestyle my big four are: physical appearance, thinking, external factors, internal solace.  This is also a multi layer process.
Physical Appearance:  Any and all adjustments to the body – externally and internally
Thinking: Acquiring knowledge, deliberating on emotional states, exploring sensory input, formulating or making adjustments to our a self-evaluation process etc…
External Factors: sources of income, geographic areas,consumption and retention of basic necessities, etc..
Internal Solace: Seeking direct experiences that foster connectedness with others, nature and within ourselves.

If everything lies within you and the human experience right now is overly outward then the expansion of seeking, knowing, and acknowledging your own well being becomes more important. It is a process to find what works best for you and at what time in your life stages and/or illness cycle, – again it is a journey for your life not a destination.

So Here Comes the inspirational speaker in me!

  1. Ask yourself what is my expectation for wellness?
  • To be totally disease free.
  • To gain personal awareness.
  • To learn something new.
  • To manage symptoms like stress.
  • To work on myself through formal activities.
  • To have a direct experience to foster connectedness.
  • To develop new habits and healthy patterns.
  • To have more time for yourself.
  • Other.

Make these items headers in a column for review and check off what you would like.

2. Then number them according to your first and second priority.
3. Set goals short term & long term which you may not know yet: That is ok.
Set appointment or learn material or do activity4. Do you need support for your priority?
Write down schedule for support:
Return to activity on what basis, recover from activity on what schedule, meeting with support care or family and friends, take time for solace – when, where and how.

5. Lastly,  know what truly motivates you.  It may be different for everyone but your participation both as receiver and in self-participation are the foundations to any sustainable change.   Be committed to your own self and be kind, patient, and loving as you strive to deal creatively with life’s changes and challenges.

This blog and all blogs are based on my opinion, my personal experiences or view of general experiences.  It is not to replace medical or psychological treatments – what is that saying (entertainment purposes).  Take things lightly, live lightly and remember it is ok to fall down, make mistakes, and feel all kinds of things – we are only human after all!  ERP

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