Play- Why it is important and how we forgot it?

Play:  internet search meaning to engage in activity for enjoyment and/or recreation rather than a serious or practical purpose or to simply take part in an activity. 

To play is to let one’s mind be free of our everyday realities (responsibilities, list of to dos, etc) to use and honor our imagination so as to be in an act of creating.  To slip out of the awareness of everyday time and into a world of imagination where everything touches the essence of being.  Perhaps Play is the seat of creation or Perhaps Play is simply another door to awareness for better well being.  If we spend an average of 12 hours per day living our lives responsibilities (some necessary and some self imposed) then sleep surely can not be our only balance.  I have heard it say the lack of wonder is due to the loss of that state of mind which is active in Play.  We need to bring that state of mind into our daily lives in a constructive and positive way.  Many people feel that doing the activities of art, music and acting are in some ways channeled through the len of play moments.  Others say simply letting the mind go/clearing the mind brings forth a state of Play.  Play when you come down to it is just a word but the state of mind that offers an opening to our imagination is real and like other healthy methods is vital for our well being.

So take some time to Play, today!  Take some time to be Playful as well!  Find activities that bring out your creativeness and allow yourself to have fun in the beautiful world around you.  Nature offers a Playground of delights to experience, create with, and understand just as time spent on-line offers (focussed Play) for the mind – the end result should be affirming in your connection to the beauty that is you experiencing your connection to Play.

I am off to Play – in the leaves and hear the crisp crunch as I roll myself in the cascading collision of colors from the bounty of natures continual cycle of life.

Just Play!










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