Welcome to 2023

In My Opinion:

It is no longer a matter of What We Learned in or from 2022 but rather What Are We and How Are We Going to Do our life’s Now.

2023 is about doing, seeing and preparing ourselves for sustainable balance  The Importance of this is HOW we do things not the judgements of WHAT we do.

Nesting is the first part of sustainable balance.  If your foundation is not supporting you then changing or creating one will be a major focus in 2023. A foundation can be a specific place “liken to what some call a home” or it can be a better connection to a higher power,  and/or our beloved Planet. Meaning we make changes and take a stake in HOW we live, work, eat, and play.

Outward & Inward

Many people only take an outward approach to their foundation so we should see lot’s of new trends in housing, living styles, medical and alternative medicines, and even some new twists on religious thinking.  Commercialism and consumerism which has been excessive will trend to a more manageable level as people shift priorities from external glorification to internal acceptance.  Once the emphasis on self worth leaves the Lens of external changes balance will be more viable and sustainable.  As this shift occurs there will also be an upsurge in marketing of products, systems, reinventions of ideas, and products to supply those needs.  Many of which will not be sustainable because they will mirror to a degree internal glorification FOR acceptance.  It will be up to the individual to find the tools they can use to work with themselves and others.

Let me suggest a few:

Get outdoors, I mean really outdoors.  Create spaces or find spaces where you can do some sort of activity outside.

Plant, weed and care for a garden of some sort – take the benefits of your efforts and get the natural energy of the Earth

Sleep outside (if safe, possible and only if you are truly inclined to do so)

Start to image your foundation (home) as being part of the outdoors

Volunteer to build natural open spaces or support causes that do, clean those that exist

Learn to work with nature in your community by insisting that decision makers leave and zone for natural spaces

Donate land for such purposes and build your own living spaces with this in mind

Bring nature into your life everyday with appropriate plants, gardens, water accents and other natural items

Take time everyday to Meditate and Pray so as to still the internal dialog and assist with other tools that help you loosen the mental and physical vibes of your workplace or social activities.

Be Honest about what you can and can not do and be ok with that!  Honestly,  this is so important.

Allow others to Be (stay in your own business) This way it will be easier for you to Be.

Understand just what technology you really need, and Why.

Learn to Live without what you do not really need.

Treat yourself gently in body and how you are thinking about yourself and others.

Be the right kind of Fixer in regards to yourself and others.

Take heed to what you watch, listen too and whom you associate with – Energy is in everything.

2023 promises to be what you make of it in that HOW you do what you do is the KEY and you are the gatekeeper!

Happy New Year with blessings and light

Elizabeth Ramona Pokoly, Reiki Master/Teacher and Healer

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