Reiki Training: Level II

Thank you for your interest in Reiki Training Level II.  Due to the Covid pandemic in person classes are not available at this time. I am working on an online version which is due out in January 2021.   Details about Level II are listed below.

Level II: 

  • A full ( 90 page downloadable PDF) instructional manual.
  • Have scheduled Zoom meetings for instructional review of the materials and practice
  • 1 Attunements will be given at-distance upon completion
  • A certificate will be given upon completion of the course (upon request.)  
  • Client Group Facebook page offering tips, feedback and motivation.  

Level II provides an additional way to “work with” the Reiki energy.  Specifically the at-distance healing methods. While less intense in study I recommend spacing out Level I and Level II training to allow yourself the time to process and practice each skill level.    

  • Drawing and understanding how to apply symbols
  • Learn by examples how to give long distance or at distance healing
  • Learn how to increase or speeding up the Reiki energy
  • Understand better Practice protocols when giving healings
  • For mental/emotional balancing and accessing information
  • Get an additional attunement to boost your existing Level I attunements
  • Question and answers with Ramona.

Here is a brief description of the Reiki Symbols introduced in Level I but expanded in Level II for use.  RH The Reiki Symbols Level II Practice Introduction..

I have the ability to customize my classes to fit the individual needs especially when working one-on-one.  I can also facility training for persons who have received Level I training elsewhere and are seeking Level II training.  Please email me for details and to set up a personal interview of mutual acceptance.    

how Teaching Connects

Learning Reiki with gives you the know how to self-heal but also a foundation into your own personal well being. When the practitioner meditates, does self-healing and fosters a deeper connection their life changes with greater ease. They gain an understanding that is relatable to their clients and can offer the tools necessary to help them help themselves. Well being is a journey for living a more fruitful life. Ramona believes that teaching alone is not enough. The client must do the work necessary, seek out support, acquire tools necessary and be able to work them into their daily lives. This is why Ramona goes above and beyond her services offered to assist you. I welcome you with social media offerings, mini meditations and healings. May your journey to healing be a blessing to others on their journey.

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