The Reiki Method

“Learning Reiki is an act of giving yourself a healing for a lifetime”.  ERP

Reiki is an easy, safe and effective way to learn self-healing and to heal others.  The Reiki Method opens your system for the channeling of  Universal Life Energy (ULE) with the purpose of healing.  Once open the ability to self-heal unfolds and strengthens as your self-discipline and self-confidence grows.  Learning The Reiki Method offers another important benefit which protects the healer from attracting and taking on the energy (karma) links of others that may naturally occur when engaging in the field of energy work.  This is important because healing is not about self-sacrifice but of self-responsibility and self-sustaining connectivity.  Reiki offers this as its foundational opening.  In order to achieve this goal the energy channeled is actually drawn and directed by the receiver of the energy to where it needs to go.  With the receiver  in control there is no  worry about how much to give or for what reason.  Simple, easy and effective in every way for your everyday life! 

Another benefit to learning The Reiki Method is that many people find their own personal wellness journey enhanced when they begin self-healing – just as I did.  I found Reiki when I was ready for it and started my journey over two decades ago in healing and meditation. When you enroll in Reiki classes with Ramona you get not only a Master/Teacher but someone who has walked the Reiki path and incorporated it into their daily life.  I live what I teach and my teaching style reflects that awareness.  Reiki with Ramona means individual attention (now via Zoom) sessions, a manual for each level of training, attunement upon completion, certificate upon request and a private group Facebook page for questions and follow up.  Also, has materials for sale to help you with your personal practice of healing and meditation.  Check out each level available through the services tab.  

  • If you are feeling stuck in your wellness path, finding it hard to make sustainable changes in your life or are over or underwhelmed by the latest Fads for quick wellness you may be ready to learn and use Reiki in your life.
  • If you are curious about the world of energy and feel drawn to help others you may be ready to more forward by learning Reiki.

The Reiki Method is great for everyone.  People from all walks of life can benefit from this self-healing method whether for yourself (most important) or to help yourself through helping others.  Many people in the wellness services fields have taken Reiki to enhance their careers or gain a new energy.  People may teach it as a business or use it today come from the fields of wellness, medical workers, massage therapist and caregivers of all kinds.  If you are like me and choose the Reiki method for self-healing then your own journey will expand as you gain more self-confidence in your own self-healing and self-wellness journey.  Reiki is for everyone to learn and use-Everyday.  Reiki is a powerful tool for self-healing especially when combined with meditation and your own positive focus on wellness.  Just how much energy channels depends upon each individual facilitator and this applies to all types of healers but I have found that Reiki works more sustainably and fits more easily into your everyday life than other methods.  

I think it is important to mention that being a medium is not required to learn The Reiki Method.  Also, using or learning Reiki does not interfere with one’s natural abilities/gifts or intuitive nature. The progress of healing and well being happen on many levels.   There is energy work, physical work (because you have a body that needs food, exercise and care) and emotional work (to overcome negative patterns and reprogram or rewire new ones). ULE works on all those leves and I have found the Reiki method to be the most widely usable, easiest to learn and most sustainable.  You live your daily life with Reiki as you easily incorporate its benefits as you practice and focus on your journey in being well. 

Reiki classes once paid for are not refundable because the materials are linked to your payment confirmation- I do not charge separately for manuals, attunements or certificates.  Each class level must be completed within 2 months of signing up for the class.  It is an honor to work with you throughout your level in the time frame allotted. My service schedule fills up quickly.   My prices per level reflect my dedication to making this tool as accessible as possible while providing you with a real person connection when learning.   

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